Agra – A father wants to euthanize his six children


A man wrote to President Pranab Mukherjee seeking permission to euthanise all his six children suffering from a rare disease.

Mohd Nazir, living in Agra is the father of six children who are suffering from a rare neurological disorder that has paralyzed their lower body and is continuing to spread. It has even affected their voice and vision keeping them disabled for any activity.

“In 2-3 years my children will no longer be able to walk. They will live out their lives in pain. I don’t want this for them,” Nazir told IBN Live.

Soon after the heart-rending tale came out in the open, the local administration sent few doctors to examine the disease.

It is understood that the disease is curable however; Mohd conceded that he could not afford to pay for treatment and insists on euthanising his children.

After Aruna Shaunbaug, Mohd’s children has now raised another debate on Euthanasia, which is an act of ending a person’s life to end their pain and suffering from a persistent vegetative state.

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