Reasons why solo female tourist should travel at least once in life?




For people who swear by travelling, the joy of packing a bag for a trip, planning an itinerary, and booking the tickets, is simply put, indescribable. The very thought of being able to spend some time away from the mundaneness of daily life ends up giving a much-needed rush to a lot of people. And once in the actual process of travelling, your horizons are broadened in ways that you might never have been able to think of.

As far as we Indians are concerned, trips with families and friends are the most common ones that we’ve participated in. However, notwithstanding the baggage (pun or no pun) that accompanies it, once in a while, a solo trip too is required in one’s life. The joy of travelling, for some travel junkies, and especially if you’re a woman, is doubled when the trip is a solo one.

In addition to showing the finger to most people who declare a taboo on women travelling alone, the act gives one a different kind of confidence. Don’t believe us? Read on. You’ll realise for yourself why, if you’re a woman, you need to have at least one solo trip in life!

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