Health tips – How soda makes you fat, process explained


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Dt. Kamna Desai

Post Graduate Diploma In Dietetics · Dietitian/Nutritionist · 1 week ago

The amount of people drinking soda on a regular basis has increased rapidly. With cola being the most prefered drink. In fact, more and more people are now substitude plain water with soda drinks. Not realising how it is deeply affecting our organs. Soda beverages contain staggering amount of sugar, with high fructose corn syrup, which is one of the biggest causes of obesity in India.

This is what happens when you drink carbonated drinks.

//After 20 Minutes- The effects that soda has on your body vary over a duration of time as explained here. For instance, within 20 minutes of drinking soda, you will notice a spike in your blood sugar. Then, the liver responds to this insulin burst and converts massive amounts of sugar into fat. 

//At 40 minutes- The next stage happens by 40 minutes, when the blood pressure rises due to absorption of caffeine. This is the time when liver dumps a lot more sugar in your blood-stream. 

//An hour- An hour later, the sugar crash is witnessed, which leads to the cycle of consuming more and more sugar.

//Overall Health- So in effect, having aerated beverages affects your weight, brain, kidneys, digestive system and even your bones, heat, lungs and the teeth!

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