Health Tips – Three tested ways to control overeating

Our bodies inform us about our hunger and when it is satiated. But when we get exposed to the world of dieting and diet foods we are addicted to them, unable to find a balanced way of eating. Overeating or binging on food is a problem that a lot of people face.

Here are 3 tested ways to stop over eating and feel healthier.

1) Eat slowly – It is the brain that sends us signals about whether or not we are satiated. It takes about 12 minutes to actually feel satisfied and the brain takes that much time (or even a little more) to comprehend. That?s why, you should eat slowly and chew your food well, so that you give the brain enough opportunity to realize whether the hunger is satiated.

2) Eat whole foods – Those artificial and processed foods are certainly tasty and oh so enticing. But they are overloaded with calories and artificial sweeteners, which would do you more harm than good. So, it is recommended that you eat more of whole foods. They will keep you filled for longer and avoid instances of over-eating. In the beginning, you might experience some trouble, but it would cease within a few days.

3) Exercise – Exercise releases hormones that keep us happy. These are also the hormones that provide us the opportunity to feel less hunger. So, exercise to avoid overeating and binging behaviour. This is particularly true for women trying to lose weight while exercising- you will only see results if you make dietary changes as well.

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