Horoscope for this week starting, the 7th June 2015

Based on your date of birth, find out zodiac given below and then according to that you see your horoscope for the week starting 7th June 2015:

Aries: March 20 – April 18
Taurus: April 19 – May 19
Gemini: May 20 – June 20
Cancer: June 21 – July 21
Leo: July 22 – August 21
Virgo: August 22 – Sept 21
Libra: Sept 22 – Oct 22
Scorpio: Oct 23 – Nov 20
Sagittarius: Nov 21 – Dec 20
Capricorn: Dec 21 – Jan 19
Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18
Pisces: Feb 19 – March 19

Aries :: Domestic matters and relationship with friends are likely to be your concerns this time around. You may be keen on setting a few things right at home. A close friend is likely to guide you and help you form strategies to achieve success in your pursuit. But there may be some distractions that will not allow you to start acting on the strategy proposed by your friend. On the job front, things may begin to move favourably now and even your growth prospects may start to look brighter. Your boss may be too busy with his own problems to bother you. Around Thursday and Friday, you may get busy with issues related to your personal life. But the good thing is that differences with life partner will narrow down because of the effort you put in now. However, she/he is likely to continue be assertive. At times, this may even shatter peace and harmony in marital life.

Taurus :: Career is likely to be top on your priority list this time around. With two major benefices influencing the 10th House (of Career), you can be sure of better times in career matters. This period will also be good for businessmen as they may be able to strike some profitable deals. Those in fashion, SPA and luxury goods industries are likely to benefit handsomely now. However, be specific about the payment terms and make regular follow ups to recover dues in time as there is a strong possibility of losing a part of the payment. Also, make sure that the goods are checked for quality before they are sent to your customers. The good news is that Mercury, the significator of intelligence, will turn direct around Thursday. This will help shore up your finances and put things in order on the financial front. You are also likely to have an enjoyable time with friends. Singles seeking the company of the opposite sex may get a favourable response now, says Ganesha.

Gemini :: You are likely to be in a pleasant and joyful mood thanks to Jupiter and Venus, which will now be influencing Moon, bringing in good times for you. This is an ideal time to plan a vacation or visit a faraway religious place with family. And the good news is that Mercury, the Ruler of your Sign, will turn direct in movement, helping sort out matters related to your personal life. For businesspersons, this is a good time to take action and make plans to achieve higher growth. Going for a short-term travel to explore new territory may be fruitful. An old business contact may also be revived this week which will help you move closer to your goals. On the job front, you may continue to experience a difficult time and may have to do some backbreaking work. You will have to take care of your temperamental behaviour to keep future growth prospects alive. On the health front, minor issues like acidity and problem related to the respiratory system are likely to bother you now.

Cancer :: A noticeable change now is that Mercury will start moving direct. It is a good indication for you as you may now be able to save more money and keep a tab on wasteful expenditure. With the Sun and combust Mars placed in the 12th House of Expenditure, money may seem to be just slipping through your fingers. And to add to this, you may spend money impulsively. But with Mercury turning direct, you are likely to become wiser about money matters. Intellect will then overpower your whims. Businesspersons, especially, will be able to check unnecessary expenses effectively. But you may have a tough time chasing high-worth consumers to increase turnover. Those in regular job will continue to experience tough times as the work load is likely to increase now, making it difficult for you to meet the scheduled deadlines. If you are single and looking for a soul-mate, Ganesha foresees a tough time for you. The planet of love and romance, Venus, is placed in Leo, a Sign ruled by the Sun – this is an indication that your search will not get over in the very near future.

Leo :: With two benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus, placed in your Sign, your social circle is likely to expand. Since you will be busy socialising, you may find that it is difficult to take out time to spend with your beloved. This may lead to some discord between the two of you, warns Ganesha. Mercury, the ruler of the 2nd House (of Finances) as well as the 11th House (of Gains), turns direct over the weekend. But, the positive influence of this change is likely to manifest only in the ensuing week. As of now, working professionals may see themselves getting entrusted with some important tasks, which may even test their abilities. Businessmen are likely to feel happier now, what with an increase in their turnover. There may also be some lucrative deals coming your way this week. This seems to be a good time for exploring new territories and widening your horizons. On the personal front, marriage may be on the cards, especially for those who are already in a relationship.

Virgo :: If you’re in a job, the hostile and indifferent attitude of peers may affect your overall performance. But don’t get worked up; try to focus on the work at hand. Also, do not hold a grudge against any of your peers for not being cooperative. This being a transitory effect, their attitude toward you is likely to change soon. Incidentally, you are likely to have a busier time at workplace. Workload may be enormous and you may have to put in extra hours to meet the scheduled deadline. But the good news now is that Mercury will turn direct in movement. You will now be better placed to resolve issues in personal life as well as in career. This is also a good time for businesspersons to take measured steps toward achieving higher growth. Keep your temper in check to make the journey to your goals smoother. Freelancers too may be able to work without any constraints. But you may have to check unwarranted expenses to improve your saving potential.

Libra :: With the Moon under the direct influence of Venus and Jupiter, you are likely to be less stressed now. You will be more amicable than before. For those of you doing a job, overall performance is likely to improve this week and your boss will be pleased with your dedication and hard work. As a reward, you may be entrusted with some important task which may turn out to be very challenging for you. Ganesha says you will need to brush up your skills to handle the task successfully. Higher ups will also appreciate your performance and offer you monetary incentive. This gesture will keep you motivated for quite some time. Singles seeking the company of the opposite sex are likely to feel happy as they may get positive response from them. This is a good time for those already in relationship to cement their bond by way of marriage. You can also visit to a nearby resort with close friends over the weekend for some fun time.

Scorpio :: Your outstanding performance at work in the past few days is likely to be viewed favourably by the higher ups. However, peers may be envious and might even try to downplay your achievements. Despite this, try not to boast about your performance. Keeping a low profile and remaining humble will help you garner the goodwill of your seniors. Businesspersons will also have to adopt this attitude if they want to stay afloat in the market. But compared to those doing a job, entrepreneurs are likely to be a happier lot this week. Some of your buyers may make bulk purchase from you, in turn, help you boost your earnings. Besides, you may not have to engage in hard bargaining either. Not surprisingly therefore, you are likely hold a strong financial position now. Having said that, spending money to keep family happy is on the cards for you this week. Freshers seeking a job may get the right opportunity now but will have to compromise on the remuneration.

Sagittarius :: Repeated interference by in-laws in your personal matters may strain your relation with life partner and lead to arguments and dispute. But Ganesha says you will have to handle such situations with care and in a diplomatic manner to ensure they do not blow out of proportion and cause irreparable damage. If you succeed in doing this, you will be able to restore peace and harmony in your relationship. Arranging a dinner party may prove to be a good diplomatic move. Around Wednesday and Thursday, you are likely to be busy with kids and may even spend money willingly to buy them gifts and make them feel happy. Thursday will particularly be a good day as crafty Mercury will turn direct in movement. Mercury is the Ruler of 7th and the 10th House from your Sign. And with Mercury turning direct, you will be able to set things right in day-to-day activity and be clear about your priorities. This is also a good time for businesspersons to take action to increase turnover by exploring new territories and reviving old contacts.

Capricorn :: With the Moon in watery Sign Pisces, you may not be very sure about the direction to follow, says Ganesha. The presence of retrograde Mercury and Sun, along with combust Mars, is likely to make things difficult for those of you working as employees. The most important thing to keep in mind now is that you can’t lose your cool. You will have to be very patient to be able to concentrate on your work. And this won’t be very difficult for you since maintaining a balance is part of your many-faceted personality. At workplace, you may not get along well with your boss. You may be entrusted with a tough task to work on which will seem like a big challenge. But you won’t be deterred by it and will work with complete dedication to succeed. Friday will bring good news for you as your lucky planet Mercury will turn direct in movement. With this, tasks that earlier seemed difficult will be easier to manage and achieve.

Aquarius :: Matters related to family and finances will take up most of your time this week. On the financial front, you may think of investing money in a new venture. The idea may be really good, but you may need to wait for some time before taking any step toward boost your earnings. With the ruler of your Sign, Saturn, moving in retrograde mode and Mars, the Ruler of the tenth House of Occupation in combust mode, it may not be the right time to attempt anything new. On the job front, it is likely to be a routine affair as you are likely to remain busy with the task entrusted to you. The only relief being that your boss, engrossed with some other important task, is not likely to closely monitor you now. Businesspersons may not be able to make much headway in increasing their turnover. With the Sun and combust Mars in opposition to the ruler of your Sign, Saturn, you must remain careful about your health.

Pisces :: You are likely to incur expenses on account of some ceremony, religious or otherwise, that may take place at your home, around Monday or Tuesday. With the Moon placed in direct opposition from your Sign, you are likely to feel relaxed and shall be in a positive frame of mind. You may be better placed in your personal life as well. However, strained relations with your better half may be a cause of worry now. This being a transitory phase, Ganesha says you must take it easy and not get worked up in this regard. With benefices placed in the 6th House, your position at workplace will remain secured. But for vertical growth, you may have to wait patiently for some time. Businesspersons are to feel happy as they may make recovery of pending dues. The good news now is that crafty Mercury will turn direct in movement. This will help you to resolve issues in domestic matters, especially in your marital life. Singles looking for a soul mate may receive a positive reply from the person you love.

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