Six largest amusement parks in India


6 largest amusement parks in India (as per size)

You wont find rollercoaster rides in India that would really take your breath away, those are the staple of the wejstern countries. Except parks like Adlabs Imagica there are not much options which would truly count  i m making an effort here to list some of the best and largest theme parks or water parks with the best rides.

 #1 Adlabs Imagica, Mumbai

Adlabs imagica is know as the Disneyland of India, its the only amusement park made as per international standards, its located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway near khopoli. Its spread over an area of 300 Acres.  Its the largest amusement park in India with good deal of thrilling rides.

#2 Wonderla, Bangalore.

Wonderla bangalore is among the largest amusements parks of India covering an area of 82 acres. It was the largest park in India but was replaced recently by Adlabs Imagica. It has one of the largest rollercoaster ride in the country. It is located 25kms from bangalore city. it follows one of the highest safety standards when compared to other parks in the country.

#3 Essel World and Water Kingdom, Mumbai.

Its one of the most popular theme park in India, and a must vist place for domestic tourists. Its popularity is due to TV camapaigns that they ran for many years on TV and also various movies have been shot here. Essel world along with water kingdom is spread over an area of 64 acres. Water Kingdom is the largest theme water park in Asia. Essel world used to be the largest amusement park in India before it was overtaken by Wonderla of Bangalore. It also has an Ice skating rink that you wont find at other parks.

#4 Metro Walk and Adventure Island amusement park, Delhi.

The amusement park is spread over an area of 62 acres in rohini, Delhi. It has 26 rides in total, all created as per international standards, it also has Planet POGO designed by POGO tv channel. It also proves to be an ideal shopping destination as it houses a large Mall alongside.

#5 Nicco park, Kolkata.

This park is a created on a Joint venture with WB government, its quiet an old park. It is created on an area of 40 acreas and is located at salt lake one of the prime locations in kolkata. More than the rides the place is about the feeling, its not for thrill seekers but families.  There is an huge replica of effile tower in the park.

#6 Wonderla, Kochi, kerala

Previously know as Veegaland, it is the largest amusement park in kerala, its one of the major attractions in Kochi. Its spread over an area of 30 acres. Its situated 20 kms from kochi on top of a hill in pallikara.

GRS fantasy park in Mysore also has a area of 30 acres like wonderla kochi, but i have listed wonderla kochi, because its the better one among the two on the basis of quality of rides and overall experience.


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