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Spiritual Healing: Restore Your Power To Heal

Have you ever experienced a Spiritual Healing?

Probably not, modern medicine is based on science, not spirituality.

It teaches us to submissively “go to a person in a white coat holding a clipboard and follow orders”.

We are promised that if we submit ourselves they will cure us of our ailments and restore our dignity.

But this “medical” help is energetically expensive: we pay by surrendering to the hierarchical paradigm of “power-over” – every time we acquiesce unconsciously we trade away our power.

In each encounter, we are ritually instructed with command phrases (mantras) that resemble the spells of black magic (sthambana tantra): “sit here while I check your vitals.”

“The doctor will be right in,” we are told. Then we are forced to sit uncomfortably under bright lights.

That’s how the Patriarchy operates our medical system and the sad fact is that even alternative medicine is now riddled with submission rituals and the “power-over” head-game of command and control.

Restoring Your Power

Even though alternative medicine comes from ancient spiritually-based practices, in modern times the keys to spiritual healing have been lost in general. This is because of the need to fit into culturally accepted business models; the models patients have themselves been conditioned to expect from providers.

Though western medicine has completely discarded its connection with the spirit, thankfully alternative medical systems still have a backdoor connection to the sacred past and while that portal is rarely ever open fully, it does remain unlocked.

As consumers of alternative medicine, I believe we need to hold practitioners accountable to facilitate Spiritual Healing because when it’s effective, it does reverse conditions that have been assumed to be incurable.

Reclaim and restore your power, and bring integrity and spiritual healing back to the alternative medical traditions so that we may all find that open doorway and experience the true path of sacred medicine.

Spiritual Surrender

How often have you had problems which elude all your doctors including the practitioners of alternative medicine?

That can become an endless ordeal filled with know-it-all doctors and ineffectual healers who try everything. Then, after breaking the bank and making herculean efforts – you can be left with a condition you barely have the energy to cope with.

From a spiritual healing perspective, this is actually a great place to be – but to realize that takes guidance and surrender.

Usually, due to Patriarchal conditioning of our minds we search for some “doctor” to surrender to, a pill to take, or a surgery to fix ourselves with – like an addict searches for a needle. In this state of mind the receptivity to a spiritual healing does come easily and that’s why we wind up on this path where doctors and healers “have to let us down” until we discover Spiritual Healing.

Abandon Techniques

Everything we know of health comes through traditions of medicine that preserve methods and techniques that can be organized and passed on, but in pure spiritual healing there are no techniques.

That’s what makes it nearly impossible for medical systems to sustain their connection with spiritual healing, where the authority is not the system of techniques or its Patriarchal practitioners, but the unpredictable spirit.

To abandon techniques requires a system-wide acceptance of spirit and for each doctor to have a spiritual life that quiets their mind and eliminates the ego.

Practicing By Yourself

Start by relaxing in bed.

Close your eyes and softly say, “I am going to do spiritual healing now”.

Fall deeper into relaxation and really feel your body on the bed.

Notice your breath.

As you breathe locate a sensation of breath or space or stillness where your heart sits.

Say, “I invite the heart”.

Stay with the sensation of your heart as you breathe softly.

Say “Teach me the heart. Teach me surrender. I ask the spirit to heal me.”

Patiently hold the sensation of the heart-space, meditating on this sensation for 20 minutes.

Don’t think of anything.

Practicing On Another

Start by having the person relax with their eyes closed on your massage table.

Gently slip one hand beneath them and lay one hand above so you can feel the energy flowing through their body between your hands. If whole body healing is required then working one hand under their spine and one on their abdomen is a good position. For specific body parts, just hold that part between your hands in a comfortable position you can maintain.

Relax, close your eyes and softly say to yourself, “I am going to do spiritual healing now”.

Notice your breath and begin to relax more deeply, locating a sensation of breath or space or stillness where your heart sits.

Say, “I invite the heart”.

Stay with the sensation of your heart as you breathe softly.

Say “Teach me the heart. Teach me surrender. I ask the spirit to heal (person’s name).”

Patiently hold the sensation of the heart-space, meditating on this sensation for 20 minutes.

Don’t think of anything.

Ongoing Healing

Once you get comfortable just staying in the heart you can easily invite spiritual healing from anywhere. While there are no techniques per se, spiritual healing does not exclude the use of herbs or pharmaceutical medicine.

The great Ayurvedic healer Atrea characterized full spiritual therapy as consisting of prayer and incantation, confessional practice and atonement, fasting on certain days to prepare the mind and heart, talismans and sacred imagery, spiritual journey and pilgrimage, making vows and reparations.

But the greatest of these is to stay silently receptive in the heart, in complete self-surrender.

Remember that when spiritual healing does not produce visible results, it tests your faith. The process of inviting and dwelling in the heart leads one deeper and part of the healing may be to have one’s doubt brought up first, or one’s patience tested, and especially faith broken so that it can be rebuilt more consciously and intentionally.

There are infinite ways to invoke spiritual healing, but this is how I learned it in my own experience.

End Note: Ayurveda and Spiritual Healing

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of alternative medicine which prescribes spiritual healing at whatever point a doctor or patient realizes the condition requires it.

The Ayurvedic system is based on the teachings of the medical text, Charaka Samhita, which to this day is utilized as the most authoritative reference text.

Because Ayurvedic medicine is the limb of the body in Vedic wisdom, the spiritual practices to limit ego and quiet the mind are referenced. However, unfortunately Ayurveda is also a perfect example of how today schools have stopped teaching the fundamentals of spiritual healing and are focusing only on technique.

My goal as an Ayurvedic practitioner is to keep the concept of spiritual healing alive


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