Health tips – Ten deadly poisonous foods

You are exposed to various poisons present in your food and air everyday. Knowingly or unknowingly these poisons find way into your body and cause slow poisoning. We are addicted to junk and processed foods and rarely eat organic or healthy foods.

Green Potatoes Are Poisonous To Health?

The milk we buy is also packaged and laden with chemical preservatives. We prefer not to opt for real and fresh organic products that are healthy may be due to the fact that the junk food is easier obtain and is much cheaper. But we mus realise that a change towards healthy food can improve the quality of our lives and also increase our life expectancy.

Fruits and vegetables are also laden with chemical pesticides that can damage the internals organs slowly. Most people also rely on artificial sweetener assuming that they are a healthy substitute for sucrose. However, it can cause many health issues such as arthritis, bloating and weight gain.

10 Deadly Poisonous Healthy Foods

Have a look at some ten sources of toxins that you are accidentally letting inside your body daily.

They are present in processed and packaged foods. These foods contain partially hydrogenated oils and preservatives. These are added to make sure that they can be preserved for a longer time. These trans fats may cause diabetes, high cholesterol level and heart issues.

These colours act as toxins in the body. Some of the food colours are approved by the food and drug administration (FDA) but still they pose a threat to your health. Artificial colours added in packaged foods come with a risk of cancer. Therefore always look on the label for the added colours.

Artificial sugars contain aspartame and saccharin. They cause many health problems such as arthritis and gastritis. People live in the misconception that this sugar is healthy. It is ironic that the artificial sweeteners consumed to help lose weight only contributes to additional weight.

They are used as chemical preservatives that are added in most junk foods to make sure that they are not attacked by micro-organisms. They can cause cancer, diabetes and other such diseases. You must choose to have fresh and organic foods instead.

They contain a chemical called teflon which harms your health. It is released from the non stick pans into the food you fry or cook in it. However, heating your non stick on high temperature releases more toxic chemicals. You may choose to shift to stainless steel utensils to avoid this.

Excess intake of sodium can cause high blood pressure and kidney problems. Fast foods and processed foods contain abundant quantity of salt that cause blood vessels to lose their elasticity and ultimately cause heart problems.

In today’s life almost all foods contain pesticides. They are poisons and can damage your organs. You must wash your fruits and vegetables well before eating them. This will remove the pesticides that are sprayed on them.

You can have one to two cups of coffee but excessive consumption can cause many health problems. It causes insomnia, heart burn, indigestion and other such conditions. The other sources of caffeine are tea, soft drinks and energy drinks.

You must be aware of the ill effects of smoking. It can cause lung and oral cancer. Even the person that passively inhale the smoke are at risk.

It causes liver damage, dehydration and depletes nutrients from your body. Psychologically, alcohol removes hesitance. This leads to socially unacceptable behaviour and may even lead the person towards crime.


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