Health tips – Why you should lie on your left side?

Not everyone knows that the position that we take when we sleep has a significant influence on own digestion. It is no coincidence that, in ancient times, the monks decided to lie down after each meal just for ten minutes, and this served to make the entire digestive lighter.

Nor is it a coincidence that the most ancient tradition of oriental medicine (ayurvedic) as well as the Indian suggest you go to sleep lying down on his left side. But what is the reason? For that reason it is necessary to follow this precaution? Quite simply, our lymphatic system relies on the left side of our body, which means that both the stomach that the liver, but also the bladder and the pancreas, are able to dispose of waste products and they drain to the side digestion and produce at the same time the enzymes that the body needs by neutralizing fatty acids and without pressure.


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