Health tips – Beware of Monsoon skin problems

The rainy season cools down the heat of the summer and helps you relax a bit. But what abut the monsoon skin problems? They never let you relax. If you love dancing in the rain to really live the joys of monsoon, you must know a bit about the monsoon skin care.

Skin Care Hacks For Monsoon

During rainy season, the humidity levels tend to be a bit higher. Sweat related issues and the dampness in the air may result in certain skin as well as hair problems. Your skin care routine must consider such factors during the rainy times.

Also, certain monsoon skin infections may start giving trouble to your skin if precautions are not taken. A bit of attention to your skin and hair will go a long way in protecting your beauty when the seasons change.

Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin During Monsoon

Now, let us get into the topic of monsoon skin problems.

People who have dry skin will also suffer excessive dryness in some cases and this will leave the skin with no moisture content. Using chemical soaps must be reduced during this season as they keep the skin too dry.

The oil glands of your skin start working actively and this will make your skin oily. When the surface of your skin is sticky, obviously, dust gets accumulated. When the dust gets settled, bacterial growth starts. All these things lead to pimples and acne outbreaks. So, keep your skin oil free.

During this season, bacteria start attacking your skin if it is moist. Many monsoon skin problems are due to that damp skin conditions. Keeping the skin clean is the key in this season.

This is a fungal infection which is contagious. It causes itchy sensation and can also spread everywhere on your skin. This kind of infection may aggravate in the monsoon season.

The scalp gets dirty and wet and this may lead to dandruff problems. An oily scalp may also cause infections. A dry scalp may fail to retain enough moisture and this too is unhealthy for the scalp.

Even your nails are prone to certain fungal infections in monsoon. Keeping the nails clean is the key to avoid itchy nails and brittle surfaces. Also, resist your temptation to scratch.


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