Health tips – Five dating myths debunked

We all tend to believe in some dating myths and realise the actual facts only after growing up. Of course, unless we experience life, it would be difficult to gain clarity on a lot of aspects.

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Dating can be a good opportunity to get to know about each other. When it comes to knowing each other, it is not really easy especially when your mind is clouded with emotions or misconceptions.

Some of us tend to get carried away by our feelings and fail to think clearly. Sometimes, you may get attracted to a very charming person in the first meeting and later on realise that he or she is really abusive.

In some cases, a good human being may not come across like a worthy partner in the first meeting but later turn out to be your partner.

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So, in this post, let us discuss about the 5 myths about dating that we tend to believe in.

Dating Myths Debunked

First Impressions Are Important
This is one of the myths about dating. It is a fact that the first impression can influence our perceptions but it need not be the case always. Some people may not show their actual self in the first meeting. Some people take some time to open up and express themselves properly. In such cases, we cannot go by first impressions. On the other hand, some people show their best side in the first meeting and later reveal their darker side. This is why we can’t rely entirely on first impressions.

Revealing Everything About You Impresses The Other Person
Some of us tell everything about our likes and dislikes in the first meeting itself and we tend to think that it would impress the other person. In dating, it can be a turn off because the other person may perceive you as too demanding and boring too.

True Love Forms At First Sight
This is one of the myths about dating. The stories and films that we have enjoyed made us think so but it need not be true always. Sometimes, feelings can gradually form after several meetings.

Your Partner Should Be Your ‘Best Friend’
It is better to be clear about what you want. If you really want your partner to be your ‘best friend’ then it might not happen easily because men and women may not be the same in all aspects. For example, if you are a woman and you expect your man to be your friend and share all the gossips, he might get bored. Your woman friends might help you with that. Let your man just be a man who provides and takes care of you.


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