Health tips – Ten foods that keep you young

There is no magic dose to give you an ageless body and skin. Instead, it is only a few set of foods that keep you young forever. Every person aspires to be young and ageless at any cost and if this target can be achieved by just a few foods that keep you young, then there is nothing better.

It is essential to know that youth is not only attributed to a younger looking skin or body but also a younger internal system as well that can be achieved by eating right.

10 Breath Freshening Healthy Foods

The step towards attaining a perfectly youthful look starts with drinking tons of water. Water is the answer to cleanse your system by removing the irritants.

It also helps you reduce excessive weight and maintain a healthy body system. Water is in fact called as the nectar of gods because of its numerous health benefits. So, people get on and start by having some water. And now, the list of foods that keep you young.

The Best Foods For Healthy Body And Skin


The most acclaimed food on the list of foods that keep you young is the Herbal Green tea. Green tea is known to have multiple nutrients and minerals such as anti oxidants that help in maintaining a flawless skin and internal system.

Next among the list of 10 foods that keep you young looking is the Avocado. Avocado is extremely rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that not only protect your skin and body but also help in regeneration of dying or degrading cells. Plus, it is a boon for your skin and gives you an everlasting fresh look.

Cocoa is an extremely nutritious source of proteins and vitamin B that improves the quality of hair. It will alsoa lend you a hand in your weight loss journey by burning excess fats in the body.

Blue Berries are considered to be rich in vitamins, minerals and potassium that enable the body to fight ageing and reduce puffiness of the skin.

These resveratrol stuffed food is an excellent remedy for ageing and helps in keeping the body healthy forever.

Dark green leafy vegetables are a powerhouse of fibres, vitamins and minerals that are essential for losing weight and keeping the heart healthy.

Theses whole grains are famous for fibres but, that is not all. Most whole grains are extremely rich in all types of minerals and vitamins as well and thus, help fight weight gain, heart ailments and other problems caused due to ageing.

Selenium is an essential element for improving the elasticity of the skin and can be consumed in ample with Brazil nuts. These also possess cancer fighting property.

Prunes are a form of natural laxative and anti-ageing food that has achieved its admiration from the aged people all over the world. Other than this, they are extremely rich in minerals, antioxidants, fibre and vitamin A. It doesn’t matter if you use it dried or fresh, it is the next winner among the foods that keep you young forever.

The last on the foods that keep you young list are kidney and black beans because of their high fibre, potassium and protein content. This nutrient keeps your heart healthy along with giving your whole body a healthy dose of nutrition.


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