How to celebrate today’s World Ethnic Day?

How to Celebrate World Ethnic Day?

Cook Ethnic Food

Wear Ethnic Dress

Gift Ethnic

Design Rangoli

Celebrate Ethnic Party

Do Yoga

Play Old School Games

Put Mehendi on hands

You can do simple things to celebrate this day. The simplest way is to wear traditional ethnic clothes on this day. Wear your favourite colourful and trendy kimono, cheongsam, drindl, baianas, baju kuring, hijaab, polleras, traje de flamenca, salwar suits, sarees, kurtis or kurtas. You can also gift someone something ethnic on this day like handicrafts, sweets, musical instruments or books. You can also indulge in an ethnic party with lots of delicious traditional food and music. You can play old school games, cook a unique ethnic dish you were waiting to make or just relax and read some good spiritual or history book on our culture and civilization. This is a free form day. Flaunt your ethnicity on this day and share it.

World Ethnic Day Offers

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