Travel tips – Five jobs tjat sllows you to travel

We feel you when you say that you want to travel the world and you have almost turned yourself into a money saving machine. But why not travel to make money instead? We have got 5 interesting jobs for people who love to travel

A tour guide

If you are a happy go lucky person and has keen interest and knowledge about the places, then you will definitely love the job of a tour guide. Just imagine yourself living in a foreign country and showing travelers that place. Sounds interesting? Then go for it!

A photographer

Perfect your art of clicking, train yourself and you will be ready to make this your full-time career. After that, all you need to do is travel to places click pictures and sell your art.

A freelance travel writer

Sounds interesting? A tough one though because the world is flooded with travel writers but don’t lose hope. Keep a good bank of your travel stories and share them with the travel related magazines and websites. You never know you might get lucky to make this your full-time career!

A travel agent

If travelling is the sole motto of your life, so much that you can see yourself booking holidays for others; this job is just perfect for you! It’s an added bonus that you’ll be invited on FAM(familiarization) trips where you’ll travel for free, as well as getting heavy discounts for your own holidays.

Yoga or a dance teacher

If you’re zealous and talented at a skill like dance or yoga then you are all sorted. Whether it’s learning and teaching yoga in Bali or becoming a dance instructor in Italy, the opportunities are truly infinite.


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