News – Two Russian planes hijacked

Moscow, June 21: Two Russian planes have been hijacked on Sunday, June 21, claimed local media reports in the country. Sources claimed that the planes were small aircraft.

According to media reports, without prior information and permission, a private plane took off from Ishim and the plane headed towards Moscow. Ishim is a town in southern Russia’s Tyumen region.

According a statement released by the investigating department of the Ural Federal District, unknown people made unauthorized take-offs early Sunday morning.

However, investigating officials have not confirmed whether the plane was hijacked or not. The statement by the officials claimed, “it is impossible to talk about hijack.”

The “unknown people” initially had taken a private jet, a Gardan GY-80-160 light aircraft. However, the jet collided with engineering facilities in the airfield due to technical snag.

Later, the “unknown people” changed left the private jet and took a private plane, a Yak-52, claimed media reports quoting officials.

Officials have already begun investigation and have been trying to locate the plane.

OneIndia News


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