Today is Father’s Day, the third Suñday of June

On Father’s Day
What my Father means to me
When I have nothing to do my dad always has a game up his sleeve. If it is raining cats and dogs we sometimes play, playing cards or a board game. If it is sunny outside, we play with the Frisbee or I climb in the sea grape tree in the back of our house and see how long I can hang from a branch!
Sometimes I ask myself what makes a great dad? It is not really about what a father does for you, it is really a caring and loving heart that makes an awesome father. That is what I think makes a real dad.
My dad is special to me because he helps my mom take care of my brother and me. Also when we are up to mischief he tells us what to do!
I love my dad because he is helpful to my brother and me. Sometimes he helps me with my homework when I get a little rusty. He helps my brother find something to do while I try to concentrate on doing my homework. Also when my mommy is sick my dad is always there to comfort me around hard times.
Sometimes I wonder why are dads important. My dad is important because without him I don’t know what I would do. This is how I would put it. If I need comfort my mom gives me comfort but if my mom needs comfort who is going to comfort her? So my dad plays a big part in the family. That is why dads are important

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