Health tips – Hair care – Four ways to dust off dandruff completely

Four ways to dust off dandruff completely:

What reasons of those embarassing whilte flakes on your shirt range from dry weather, hormonal imbalance, imperfect diet to stress or health conditions. Here are some handpicked methods that work best, to get rid of Danduff:

1. Regular hair wash, preferebly with an antidandruff shampoo with gentle head massage and cold water.

2. Adopt diet rich in Zinc and Vitamin B. Try cold-water fish, flax seeds, walnuts, eggs and leafy green vegies.

3. Easy home remedies like tea tree oil, lemon, green tea, curd etc help immensely in the treatment of dandruff.

4. Hair styling products can aggravate the problem of dandruff. Avoid use of hair styling gel or spray.


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