Health tips – Smoking – Will passive smoking kill you?

Even if you don’t have the habit of smoking, if someone else smokes near you, you are passively breathing in that smoke which means you are a passive smoker! There are many dangers of passive smoking.

Well, passive smoking can harm you at various levels. It is dangerous especially for pregnant women and infants.

How Smoking Affects Your Sleep?

When someone smokes in your proximity, the smoke tends to fill your environment. You tend to breathe that air. This is known as second hand smoking. In fact, tobacco smoke pollutes indoor air and can cause several health risks to everyone who inhales it.

Though you are not directly smoking, even breathing the second hand smoke can significantly increase the risk of asthma, lung cancer, several respiratory issues, heart problems and ear infections.

When you have a smoker in your family who smokes indoors, your risk of passive smoking increases as a cloud filled with smoke would form in the air of your house. All family members would breathe in the toxins without even realising it.

Simple Reasons To Quit Smoking

It is dangerous to inhale second hand smoke as the smoke released by a burning cigarette contains thousands of chemicals out of which some are cancer-causing gases.


There are certain toxic compounds like Sulphur and Ammonia in the smoke clouds formed due to smokers. They might irritate your lungs, throat and eyes. They may also cause asthma and bronchitis.

Why is passive smoking dangerous for pregnant women? Well, it may affect the development of the fetus.

The risk of lung cancer may significantly increase if you are exposed to second hand smoke. This is one of the risks of passive smoking.

Health experts state that passive smoking in the long run can also reduce the longevity of a person significantly.

Passive smoking can also maximise a person’s risk of suffering from heart diseases. Over a period of time, second hand smoke completely affects the state of health.

A person who is exposed to second hand smoke for long, may also develop the risk of stroke as the person’s blood may develop clots.

A condition called as atherosclerosis tends to narrow down the arteries of a person. Passive smoke can cause this condition.

What are the effects of passive smoking on children? Well, when infants are exposed to second hand smoke, they may develop bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. Health experts also say that the lung function of children may get affected when they are exposed to second hand smoke.

The dangers of passive smoking include the following risks: Breast cancer, respiratory issues, throat cancer and other types of cancers.


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