Horoscope for today, the 26th June 2015

Based on your date of birth, find out zodiac given below and then according to that you see your horoscope for today:

Aries: March 20 – April 18

Taurus: April 19 – May 19

Gemini: May 20 – June 20

Cancer: June 21 – July 21

Leo: July 22 – August 21

Virgo: August 22 – Sept 21

Libra: Sept 22 – Oct 22

Scorpio: Oct 23 – Nov 20

Sagittarius: Nov 21 – Dec 20

Capricorn: Dec 21 – Jan 19

Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Pisces: Feb 19 – March 19

Aries :: You realise it’s a good thing to share the secrets of your success. Whatever you give, says Ganesha, will come back to you multiplied by nine. Now that you seek to be open and accommodating, more respect will come your way.

Taurus :: This day you will be thinking of pleasant outings, picnics and pleasure trips. The morning could be spent with your friends and family members, finalising plans and programmmes. But, warns Ganesha, you could lose track of things later in the day and, unfortunately, change your plans and end up by spoiling a lovely, enjoyable day and turning it into a drab and dull affair. You could, at the end, become extremely bored and listless.

Gemini :: A hectic and busy day awaits you. You will be busy trying to complete your pending projects and in trying to figure out a way to beat your deadlings. However, the workload should ease a bit post-noon. You are likely to make plans to go watch a movie or to go out to dinner with friends and family, says Ganesha.

Cancer :: Ganesha counsels you to peruse thoughtfully before signing any document. As it is a day of financial loss, handle middlemen and agents deftly. New tempting offers are seen on the job front. So you may accept a new job.

Leo :: You may want to carry some aspirin with you today, suggests Ganesha. For, there are strong indications that you may encounter a plenty of stress and roadblocks at work. This headache-inducing factor aside, you’ll be blessed with the uncanny knack of beating your opponents at their own game. This will superimpose your position of awe and respect at the workplace, as people realise the stuff you are made of. Go get ’em Lion!!

Virgo :: Today will be a creative and beneficial day for you at your workplace. In the afternoon, Ganesha says, you will be in your element. With your professional acumen, you will succeed in sharing your ideas with your boss and getting his approval. You will be free in the evening to indulge in lavishing your affection on your beloved.

Libra :: When it comes to matters of career, today you shall have an infinite pool of zeal and fervour to dip into. Your ability to convince people makes it easier for you to make them agree with your viewpoints. Be careful of getting too cocky though. You might do well to take inputs from seniors and experienced people before taking any crucial decisions, advises Ganesha. Balance things out today to your benefit.

Scorpio :: Life’s not too slow nor too fast: you are going steady and strong, feels Ganesha. On the career front, simply grin and bear it all. Workplace efficiency will improve today. At home, you will be happy and content and more importantly – at peace, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius :: The fire within you is set to flare – professionally and personally. It won’t be difficult for you to convince people of your intentions. But Ganesha advises you to seek counsel from your superiors and predecessors before you dive into anything.

Capricorn :: You’re not somebody who would do something just for the sake of doing it. In fact, your desire to achieve your dreams will lead you towards putting your best foot forward and probably setting up a new business venture. Today, you’ll also get done with some old assignments or projects, says Ganesha.

Aquarius :: Financially, you are on a stable ground today, so make the most of it. You will give a tough fight to your competitors, and leave them far behind in the race as not many can beat you in your own game. Beware of those green-eyed people around, alerts Ganesha, as they are waiting for you to make a mistake and get off the track.

Pisces :: Remaining dispassionate and being cold and clinical is the way to achieve success for you today, says Ganesha. Do not let your sentiments interfere in matters of business, lest you regret it later. The evening may see you feel blue. Find something to do to cheer you up!


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