Aluminium vessels in kitchen are silenr killer

Aluminum utensils are a common object that is used in many Indian homes and cooking food in these aluminum vessels is very dangerous to health. When the food is cooked in these vessels, it absorbs aluminum and dissolves into the food and water during the cooking process. This absorbed aluminum goes into the bloodstream and gets accumulated in the organs thus, causing adverse effects on one’s health.

One of the many reasons why aluminum utensils is bad for health is because it contains particles called ions. These ions are harmful to the brain and constantly using these vessels may lead to Alzheimer disease.

This Aluminum is also bad for the kidneys, especially for patients who are under dialysis. It is therefore best to avoid using Aluminum utensils for cooking. Opt for stainless steel which has no effects on health. Take a look at how Aluminum utensils is bad for health.


Using Aluminum utensils affects the nervous system. It is also one of the reasons for Alzheimer’s. Avoid this disease by opting for stainless vessels as it is much healthier.

Aluminum utensils is bad for health as it has a rapid effect on the human brain. Making it a habit to cook in these vessels will only lead to brain diseases and memory disorders.

It is said, that while cooking in Aluminum utensils, the ions present in the container is scraped out while churning or mixing the ingredients. These little ions are the main reason for loss of memory.

If you are a regular user of Aluminum utensils, notice if you have unusual signs of fatigue or Listlessness. If so, get a medical test done to find the problem as it could be due to the effects of using Aluminum utensils.

Aluminum reduces the growth of bone and predisposes it to osteoporosis. It is one of the many reasons why women suffer from ill bone health at a younger age than usual.

When you use Aluminum vessels over a period of time, it affects the large intestine, along with the kidneys and blood.

Though it is not exactly proven that Aluminum causes cancer, It is believed that it disturbs the balance of the large intestine to an extent where in it becomes prone to cancer.


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