Foods that should be avoided when taking antibiotics

When you fall ill, the first thing every doctor prescribes is antibiotics. These medications are usually taken with water because when you consume it with fruit juice or a dairy product it can have an adverse affect on the body. On the other hand, when you’re on antibiotics, there are certain foods you must avoid.

Boldsky has prepared a list of foods to avoidwhile on treatment, which will effect the power of the tablet. It is said that the food we consume interacts with the medication in 3 possible ways: firstly, it blocks absorption of the drug. Secondly, it lowers down the rate at which the body absorbs the medication and lastly, it interferes with how the body breaks down the medication.

This is why you should eat right and avoid those foods while on antibiotics. Take a look at the list when on treatment.



The first food to avoid when on antibiotic treatment is those which contain high acidic levels. Chocolates, citrus fruits, tomatoes are some of the foods which affect the body’s ability to absorb the medication.

Except for yoghurt, every other dairy product should be stopped when on antibiotics. Since milk, cheese and paneer have a high amount of calcium, it blocks the absorption of antibiotics. However, yoghurt contains probiotics which have no effect on the medication.

Never consume alcohol when you’re on any medication. The properties present in alcohol will have a terrible effect on the body thus, disabling the medication from working wonders. It is one of the important foods to avoid when on antibiotics.

Fibre foods too should be avoided as they contain properties which slow down the rate at which food is absorbed from your stomach. The antibiotic medication takes its own time to be broken down in the stomach and if you consume high fibre foods the medication will not react well with your system.

Beverages which contain caffeine too should be avoided at any cost when on antibiotic treatment. Caffeine is like poison to the body when on high medication.

Avoid foods which contain a high amount of iron and calcium. It is best to avoid these properties as it interferes with the absorption of the medication.


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