25 Incredible alternatives to Goa

Thursday, 9 July 2015

25 Incredible alternatives to Goa

Source :- Holidayiq.com
HolidayIQ traveller Sumit Shetty from Pune shares, “Harihareshwar is the silence lover’s home. You won’t find much hoohaa of other beaches in this one as it is pretty closed. There is a Shiva temple on one side which is worth a visit. You can find accommodation at the greengate resort or MTDC resorts in Diveagar or , like us, you can stay with the homeowners with beach houses. It is a pretty fun experience.”
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HolidayIQ traveller Protik Basu from Kolkata shares, “The beach is simply too good. The journey from Ratnagiri station to Ganpatipule also offers a breath-taking view of the Arabian Sea. Anybody who likes the sea – this is an ideal place to visit – may be, the best sea beach in India. The temple of Ganesha on the lap of the green hills and on the beach also offers a place of tranquility.”
6+ Rating | 4+ Reviews

Source :- Flickr – Bipin Gupta
HolidayIQ traveller Sharma from Delhi shares, “A beach to relax & hear the sound of sea waves. Lot of play facilities for children to play at well maintained garden at the beach. Food stalls are plenty to everyone’s taste.”
19+ Rating | 15+ Reviews | 2+ Photos

Source :- Wikipedia
HolidayIQ traveller Satish Korada from Visakhapatnam shares, “This is one of the beautiful beaches nearby city area. Travelling to Rama Krishna beach it will around 30 minutes from the heart of the city, and you will see a lot of people gathering and playing on the sands every day. Lot of snack items, food items are available here.
24+ Rating | 18+ Reviews | 35+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Urban Wanderer
HolidayIQ traveller Sudhir shares, “Nice and calm beach water is muddy though. Jet ski, horse riding and parachute ride are on the offering.”
8+ Rating | 8+ Reviews | 10+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Aditya Patawari
HolidayIQ traveller Bhupi from Mumbai shares, “We went to Nagaon Beach near the Nagaon school, and it was a good experience. The place was less crowded.”
18+ Rating | 14+ Reviews | 17+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Shraddha Chaudhari
Anjarle Beach, a beautiful and unspoilt white sand beach, is located in Ratnagiri District.
Anjarle Beach is an idyllic place for the whole family to enjoy swimming. For the adventurous, water sports like para-sailing, snorkelling and wind surfing are available.
6+ Rating | 4+ Reviews

Source :- Flickr – J’ram DJ
HolidayIQ traveller Gauran from Delhi shares, “It is one of the best beaches of the east coast. It is windy and very clean as there are no crowds. Amazing for sunbathing. Boats are available for hire to go to the high sea.”
54+ Rating | 33+ Reviews | 17+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Balaji Photography
HolidayIQ traveller RS from Bangalore shares, “Malpe beach is very good, not too crowded and quite clean. Activities include sand bike, kite flying and speedboat rides. There is ferry service to the off shore St. Mary’s island.”
2+ Rating | 2+ Reviews | 26+ Photos

Source :- Wikimedia
HolidayIQ traveller Saurabh Bansal from Coimbatore shares, “Marari beach also known as Mariyakulum beach is one the most beautiful beaches of India. Beautiful white sand with bluish water and coconut trees surrounding the coastline make you feel out of the box. It’s peace and serenity keep you mind absolutely relaxed and calm. You feel being with yourself, one should definitely visit this place during any visit to Kerala. There are three to four economic resorts which are along with this beach which offer you best in class services, find some time and visit this place.”
4+ Rating | 4+ Reviews | 1+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Manu Sankerms
HolidayIQ traveller Imran Khan from Bhilai shares, “It was like a private beach to us during afternoon, enjoyed a lot in the beach but it was too hot due to summer season, clean water but black sand.”
4+ Rating | 3+ Reviews | 2+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Aleksandr Zykov
HolidayIQ traveller Sayooj Subramaniam shares, “The beach is located at the heart of the city. Tourists from various places use to visit this beautiful landmark. The sunset is so awesome and the aesthetics improve with the stone sculpture made by various artists. The place is a must to see. Nice to feel the breeze. Really a magnificent landmark.”
39+ Rating | 26+ Reviews | 10+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Dijaraj Nair
HolidayIQ traveller Ramakrishna Bk from Bangalore shares, “Kappad beach is very neat and clean. The beach has rock on one side and you can sit and enjoy the view of sea from the rock too. The beach is not very much crowded.”
3+ Rating | 2+ Reviews | 4+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Sankara Subramanian
HolidayIQ traveller Soumendra Banerjee from Kolkata shares, “The beach is a real beauty in its calm quiet and serene environment. I had stayed next to the beach and had taken full opportunity. The beach offers sun bathing benches, rides like speed boating and water scooters. One can also enjoy the coconut water in the beach. Its clean and also offers the sight of 2 Japanese bunkers.”
30+ Rating | 26+ Reviews | 2+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Prateek Rungta
HolidayIQ traveller Nawaz Usmani shares, “A very neat beach. Actually, in India it is kind of hard to find one, and sea is full of crab and fishes. One can actually see from the beach fishes jumping in the waters. Nice resto and cottages with hammocks can be seen alongside the beach where one can just lie down and pause for hours.”
1+ Rating | 1+ Reviews | 3+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Photosofdelilah
HolidayIQ traveller Joji Joseph from Cochin shares, “Elliott Beach is actually the Besant Nagar beach named after “Edward Elliot” who was the Governor of Madras during the colonial period. Nice for a long walk in the evening through the sandy shores. The beach attracts tourists and locals. For family outing this beach is one of the best places in Chennai.”
31+ Rating | 18+ Reviews | 2+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Charlotte.Warren
HolidayIQ traveller Sufiyan from Ahmedabad shares, “The beach just for chilling out you ought to do just find a sweet spot, observe the beauty around you let the sound of the ocean brace you, let the wind tickle you, let the sand comfort you and you just relax.”
6+ Rating | 4+ Reviews

Source :- HolidayIQ
HolidayIQ traveller Venkat Rajeev shares, “Visakhapatnam has so many beach views. Among those Bheemunipatnam is one of beach. It is so lovely and pleasant. It is so far from pollution and people are so friendly. There is so many places for sightseeing. The journey towards beach feels like a heaven like Goa.”
4+ Rating | 3+ Reviews | 1+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Roopesh Kohad
HolidayIQ traveller Sharma Tallapalle shares, “Manginapudi beach is also known as bandar beach/machilipatnam beach located near machilipatnam about 20 km distance from Machilipatnam. Frequent buses, autos and taxi facility are available from machilipatnam. You have to visit beach before sunrise to see the sunrise from the beach. It is one of the fantastic moments to see sunrise from the sea as well sun set at evening.”
3+ Rating | 3+ Reviews | 1+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Rajib Ghosh
HolidayIQ traveller Arnab Manna from Bardhaman shares, “This beach is around 20 KM from City. Not very much crowded. A place to hang out with friends & family. The view of Sunrise & Sunset from here is very nice. This beach is the only one where you can take bath, other beaches are full of rocks.”
4+ Rating | 3+ Reviews | 1+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Hari Prasad Nadig
HolidayIQ traveller Vijay Hebbar shares, “Surathkal is a destination for all kinds of travelling enthusiasts. If you’re interested in visiting temples then Surathkal will not disappoint. There are at least 6 temples of various deities in and around Surathkal. If you love beaches then you’re in for a treat. Visit the Surathkal Beach early in the morning. It is an epitome of peacefulness. Jog or Meditate there, it’s your choice. It is one of the cleanest beaches you will ever see. People of Surathkal are very helpful and friendly. We had no trouble finding our way around this town. The bus service is top notch. With buses to Mangalore, Udupi and Manipal every 5 minutes you don’t have to worry about getting to other major areas of this Canara region of Karnataka. Food is great too. With great restaurants nearby and one near the beach, you will love the south Indian food here. Of course if you like other cuisines they have that too. Fish is famous here at this coastal town. Don’t forget to try fish curry and fry. I would like to visit this place once more. Away from the noise and pollution of the city, Surathkal offers you a calm getaway destination.”
90+ Rating | 58+ Reviews | 6+ Sightseeing | 9+ Photos

Source :- Wikimedia
HolidayIQ traveller Gaurav Kansal from New Delhi shares, “If you go to Mangalore and do not visit this place, you will miss one. Very peaceful, not at all crowded, very clean beach, amazing view. You will like to spend whole day there. If you are going with family, you must spend some time with them here. Not much commercially developed, limited food or drink options. But that is the good thing about it that you will feel like you are on your private beach.”
1+ Rating | 1+ Reviews

Source :- Flickr – Vivek Raj
HolidayIQ traveller Nishitha K n from Mysore shares, “Kaup beach is very famous in Udupi. This beach is really nice and I liked it more as there was not much crowd and the place was peaceful. There is a lighthouse in the beach we can climb up there where we can see the amazing view of the beach.”
5+ Rating | 4+ Reviews | 3+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Kavya Bhat
Kodi Beach is one of the spectacular beaches of Karnataka and it is located at a distance of 6 Km from Kundapura Town. ‘Kodi’ literally means shore in Kannada language. The Kodi beach is surrounded by water from three sides. The beach offers wide sand range for you to play, relax, and off course swim as well. The view of natural beauty and sunset is amazing from this beach.
124+ Rating | 74+ Reviews | 8+ Sightseeing | 7+ Photos

Source :- Flickr – Pravin8
HolidayIQ traveller Abhilash shares, “Had nice experience watching sunset there. Ideal for couples.”
1+ Rating | 1+ Reviews | 2+ Photos
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