Health benefits of physical exercise

Mr. Kishore D

Diploma in Nutrition · Dietitian/Nutritionist ·
I know most of the people, who are reading this message might suffering with diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, anemia, thyroid, low bone density, vitamin d deficiency etc etc.

1. Most of you have not realized the importance physical activities.
2. Most of you have gave up physical exercise just for 15 more mins sleep in the morning.
3. Most of you have no time to do some physical activities due to daily routine.

80% of your body degeneration can be reduced by doing some physical activities in a day.

Do the at least 15mins of physical exercise, let the calories burn and new cells in a body build up.

Don’t pamper your body, if you pamper it, more chances to welcome diseases. More you hard your body by doing surya namaskara, yoga, gym, walking, playing games (out door games obviously), dance, aerobics, swiming, meditation what not, keep your body healthy.

Just take 1 hour of time from a day for physical exercise and enjoy rest of the 23 hours. Else, it will be different.

Benefits of physical exercise:

1. Your body is fit.
2. Body and muscles are hungry and when you eat a best nutritional food, it will observe completely.
3. Reduces the degeneration of body and keep away the diseases.
4. Improves your confidence.
5. When you fall under sick, you have better chances to get well soon.
6. Give you the good mind set to think in a right way.
7. Build up a high immunity power to control any environment condition.
8. You can give a better life to your family. Pls don’t sad yourself in icu and sad your loved ones outside icu.
9. You can perform 100% at your profession.
10. Body will be active for entire day.

Just keep doing exercise. Because health is wealth.

I wish you a happy healthy family and society.


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