Eight exciting benefits of morning sex

8 Exciting Benefits Of Morning Sex

Men love morning sex. A man’s body is such that he wakes up ready for sex, psychologically (and, physically) ready for sex, but has to go about his morning chores.

Women, on the other hand, wake up to face the day with upcoming days errands on their mind. They need time to warm up for sex. But it is all in the head. While the male partner prefers to snuggle and have a round of morning sex, the female prefers to start the day by getting out of the bed.

The following benefits might change your opinion about the same.

1) Makes You Happier – Beginning your day with sex keeps you happier through the day, and hence healthier.

2) Creates Bonding – Couples will be more connected throughout the day, even as they go about with their own work, at different locations. There’ll be a smile on their faces.
3) Enhances Immunity – It makes you upbeat and helps build a stronger immune system.
4) For Skin And Hair Health – Might come as a surprise, but it also improves the quality of your nails, skin and hair, and lessens your chances of catching a cold.
5) Improves Blood Circulation – Being a form of physical exercise which helps dilate the blood vessels and facilitate smoother blood circulation, lessening the risk of heart attack or stroke.
6) Rejuvenates You – Beginning the day with a session of lovemaking ensures you are alert and active as you feel rejuvenated.
7) Lessens Pain – Morning sex is also said to help reduce migraine and pain from arthritis.
8) Burns Your Calories – You burn around 300 calories even before your day has officially begun.


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