Beautiful places in and around Bangalore

Uttara Kannada!

I will set the itinerary for you. But sorry, it cannot be completed in 3 days.  So, chose the places of  your preference.

Uttar Kannada district lies right below Goa state on coastal Karnataka. The district is blessed with Arabian sea on the west side and covered with dense western ghats on the eastern side. Karwar is the district headquarters of Uttar Kannada. It is about 550kms from Bangalore. It is connected by train and bus from Bangalore. Nearest airport is Vasco, Goa (70kms). 

The itinerary I will set for you is based on the below map. You will start from Murudeshwar and take the National Highway NH 17 along the coastal line. Then you will visit the western ghats to complete a circle of the district.

Take the night train from Bangalore-Karwar. 

Day 1: Get down at Murudeshwara Railway station. 

Visit the iconic temple. Enjoy serene view. 

Season: All months

Try Scuba diving at Netrani Island. 

Season: Oct- May for Scuba diving. 
Cost: 5000Rs
Beware: of  dangerous beach in Murudeshwar. Every year people die in this dangerous part of the beach. 

Visit Apsarakonda falls:

Season: All months.

Day 2:  Gokarna.

Visit Mirjan fort on the way: 

Season: All months

Visit the famous Mahabaleshwara temple.  

Visit the beautiful OM beach.

Season: Oct- April
You can enjoy the OM beach with Hippies during the season in a beach shack.

 Day 3: Karwar: 
Welcome to the place which Rabindranath Tagore admired. 

Spend a night at Devbag beach resort. Just you with sun and sand. 

Well, I had written a blog long ago on places of Karwar.  Take a look.
Unexplored – Karwar

Water sports in Karwar

Banana boat ride:

Water scooter:


Dolphin tour:

Enjoy a day in a houseboat.

Inside of an houseboat.

Season: Oct- April

Day 4:  Dandeli 

Visit Syntheri rocks on the way:

Season: All months

Visit Anshi National park. The only place where you can see Black panthers. Tiger safaris are conducted  twice a day. These forests are the densest forests in India. 


Season: All months. During heavy storms in Monsoon, safari may be closed. But jungle resort will open open all 12 months

Go for river rafting: 

Season: River rafting will be closed from June- October because of Monsoons. 

Stay at Dandeli Jungle resort: 

Visit dams:

Kadra dam:

Supa dam: 

Season: All months
Visit falls:
Uttar Kannada is blessed with falls. You will see a small water  fall every km during Monsoon if you riding through a ghat section. Here are the major ones. 
Magod falls:

Sathoddi falls:

Unchalli falls:

Vibhooti falls:

Shivaganga falls:

Bennehole falls:

Season: Well, you can visit falls during all months but its definitely a treat to watch them during Monsoon. Surely, you will get wet in unstoppable rain but it will be worth it.

Day 6: Visit Banavasi
Visit to the ancient capital city of Kadamba dynasty. 
Madhukeshwara Temple

Season: All months

Small trek to Yana:

Season: All months. You need to walk a km from parking lot in a jungle which is infested by thousands of leeches during Monsoon. So take precautionary measures like salt, iodex spray. Even a deo spray works.

Visit SahasraLinga: Thousand of Lingas in the river Shalmala. 

Season: All months but during monsoon you will not be able to see the lingas as the water level rises above them.

Mundugod: Attiveri bird sanctuary

Season: All months

 Visit Jog falls: 

Season: Definitely Monsoon 🙂


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