Only Indians can do

What are some things that only Indians can do?
We experience tons of great things in our country. How about we tell the world about them?
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Pratik Nagori

Pratik Nagorilistening


Let me explain this with some statistics and some recent personal experiences.

According to world bank.
The population density of some of well-known economies are bellow:

and in-spite of the fact above, i see India is developing at ~6 percent every year, considering that population growth is considered to be an hindrance to economic growth.

some stats to support the above point,

Another stat, that support s my point is managing the Kumbh Mela.
( It is a mass Hindu pilgrimage of faith in which Hindus gather to bathe in a sacred river.)

According to the Mela Administration’s estimates, around 70 million people participated in the 45-day Ardha Kumbh Mela at Prayag in 2007.
It is the largest peaceful gathering in the world where around 100 million people were expected to visit during the Maha Kumbh Mela in 2013 in Allahabad.

This celebration went on peacefully for all consecutive days!

Personal experience:
@Ataturk international airport, Istanbul
(one of the top traffic handling airport)
Due to recent snow storm, the airport was closed and resumed its operation after a day.
A well known “star alliance” member airline and airport authorities were so helpless in managing ~60-70 people at a time.
There was no co-ordination among the airport crew and even the members of the same department!
Passengers were made to run from one terminal to another, just to get some minor information which could have been given by a simple phone call !

To top it, the airport’s personnel were not even kind to listen to people.
I saw people literally begging for information.
A new for me to see in a service oriented industry.

To counter that,
@Chhatrapati shivaji international airport, Mumbai

~100-150 passengers were handled smoothly and all process went well and perfect.
Plus we smile and reply. 🙂

How fabulously we can manage large number people with ease.

Moon Roy

Moon Roycontent writer, travel blogger

Indians don’t need to travel to other countries to see the following things – oceans, snow-capped mountains, hill stations, desert, plateaus, dense forests, green plains, tropical islands great rivers and waterfalls. If we, Indians, travel across the country we can experience it all which is not possible for people from other countries. No other country has that much geographical diversity as India has.

Edit: As Mr Reddy has rightly pointed out that people in USA can do the same without leaving their country I had to edit my answer. Well, a country 3 times larger than India in size can definitely possesses greater chances of geographical diversity compared to India. Similar thing might be applicable to China which is also a huge and geographically diverse country and probably has all these features too. But in case of USA, people officially have to reset their watch to travel from east to west. And about China, though the country has a single time zone, but there is controversy and confusion. Not all citizens of China follow Beijing Standard Time. China previously had multiple time zones. (Ref:China Only Has One Time Zone—and That’s a Problem). Australia, another diverse country, too have different time zones. But Indians can travel across the country to see all these but they don’t need to reset their watches within the country. However, I apologize as I should have been more clear with my answer.

Like any other culture or society, us Indians have our own unique customs, habits and lifestyles. Additionally, we have a way of doing things which sets us apart from the rest of the world and makes us truly special. 
1. Maintaining its unity and integrity:

This is the most important achievement of India since independence because India has survived its modern map despite diverse challenges, despite an over a quarter century-long proxy war from across the borders and stiff terrorism-related challenges on domestic and foreign fronts. More importantly, despite such challenges India’s secular fabric and its amazing unity in diversity have remained intact.
2. India’s vibrant democracy:
India has remained an island of democracy amid a vast ocean of autocratic rules in the neighbourhood. India has been a pulsating, throbbing democracy and has emerged as the largest democracy in the world. 
3. The aam aadmi (common man)-specific programs: 
India’s most ambitious developmental project perhaps, the Right to Food is in the pipeline. This would inevitably pave the way for Right to Medicare and Right to Shelter and many more other rights that are enshrined in the Indian Constitution but have not yet been delivered.
4. India’s Space, Nuclear and Missile programs: 
Today, India is among the select few space powers in the world to launch foreign satellites and eye a big chunk of the $ 200 billion commercial rocket launch industry. No other programs have beefed up India’s defence and forced the world to acknowledge India’s strides in the field of defence and science and technology as these two. India’s prowess in the field of missile technology is a strong deterrent for the enemies. 
5. The Growing Economy :
India is the leading economy of the decade and the role is quite mesmerizing and demanding. With a historical trend of increasing growth rate Indian market has always been a potential area for creation of new jobs.  
On a lighter note, these are the few things which we Indians encounter in our daily life:-
1. You secretly slick your hair back with coconut after taking a bath and claim its some fancy new branded gel that you bought over the weekend. 
2. You stare at everything. You stare at girls, boys, uncles, aunties, couples, foreigners and other Indians with a gaze that can put Superman’s X Ray vision to shame. When confronted about it, you conveniently shrug it off believing that you are just a good observer (and not a creep or pervert). 
3. No matter how sad or grumpy you may be, your mood is instantly lifted up at the sound of these three things: Treat, Cricket and End-Of-Season Sale. 
4. You cannot stop crying at the following occasions: When you are happy, when you are sad, when you’re chopping onions (which is minimum of three times in a day), while watching soap operas (at both happy and sad scenes), AND at every marriage ceremony. 
5. You do not take off the plastic seat covers from your new car the whole year and if possible, for the year after that as well. 
6. You come back home from a hearty continental dinner, realize that you are still hungry, rummage the fridge for left over daal chawal and finally settle for some good old Maggi. 
7. You can use the same expression to convey the following emotions: Yes / No / Maybe/ Perhaps / OK / Thanks / Sure / Not sure / Why not / I agree / I disagree. Come on guys, we do it. 
8. Your kitchen cupboards have more plastic containers of all possible shapes and sizes than actual groceries. 
9. You fiercely fight to pay the Rs. 1500 at the office lunch get together but spend five minutes bargaining with the vegetable vendor to knock Rs. 10 off of your purchase. 
10. At a buffet, you feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to taste all the 25 dishes , 6 soups and 5 deserts even if it means spending the next day rolling on the bed groaning with stomach pain and consuming copious amounts of Hajmola. 
11. You strongly feel and complain about how Indian roads are full of the most idiotic drivers in the world and use it as an excuse to go left, right, turn and reverse at our own whim and fancy. 
12. You call up all long forgotten uncles, aunts and cousins from your office phone, print a 100 page science report on the company printer and take back an ample supply of pens, stoppers, scissors, paper weights and paper clips from work with the hope of one day starting your own stationary shop. 
13. You ask personal questions like relationship status and monthly salary from the person seated next to you during a DTC bus ride. 
14. You dance, celebrate and give treats to friends if the Indian team wins and take a count of the amount of gold, silver and bronze Indian athletes bagged at Common Wealth, Asian and Olympic Games. 
15. You order a take away pizza so that you can enjoy it at home without the hassle of using a fork and knife. 
16. You find it difficult to call your boss by his/her first name, even when your boss insists, fearing he/she may get offended. 
17. You take an instant liking for any person you discover who belongs to the same state as you or shares the same surname. 
18. You don’t feel guilty about throwing trash on the sidewalk because it is so dirty anyway. 

19. You assume that you should start from home by 8 (after considering the 1 hour that would be spent stuck up in traffic) for a 7 P.M. invitation.
20. You hesitate before opening doors and pulling out chairs for your lady love fearing someone would mistake you for a gate-keeper or a waiter. 
21. You subscribe to popular English dailies but your favorite Dainik Jagran is what makes the morning tea special. 
22. And the first thing you look at in the morning news-paper (even before the front page headline) is your Horoscope for the day to start your day on a positive note. 
23. You are shy but do not take much time to open up (a maximum of two requests to join the dance floor is enough) and then it gets difficult to get you off it. 
24. You get your day’s exercise pushing and shoving people during bus rides, in queues, trying to board Metro trains and buying a movie ticket. 
25. You think nothing is impossible and there exists a ‘Jugaad’ for every problem on earth.


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