If you are Indian, you can do it

What only Indian can do?


what doesnt kill you, makes you tipsy

translated  as-erm errr… this word is so Indian in origins, that no other country  has coined an alternative! but to a layman, it means -make shift!

we indians are born with a gene that inculcates jugaad automatically into us.
so from primary class when we say- yaar, mera homework kar de, tiffin le lio mera
to college, bhaiya, ye ciggaret rakhlo. xerox jaldi nikaal dena
making maggi using water heaters
recycling -circe wale pyaaz(vinegar marinated  onions ) that came with the food delivery
using oregano packets from domino’s as a spice in every dish

We Indians, can patent our reusability,alternative thinking and resourcefullness.

Who needs redbull or caffeine when you can just pin yourself to a wall?


we have an alternative for everything!
be it- a fault in your stars
(called Manglik in Hindi, it translates to- thou marry, thou widowed)
the simplest answer is getting married to a tree or a dog,before you plan your nuptials to someone in flesh and blood

perhaps that is why we flourish wherever we go, specially in a country that has a bad demand-supply ratio in every field.

and  that is why we are the ones behind the biggest aeronautical, space  research, petrochemical, scientific discoveries, because we know the way  around a problem! 

one hot idea!( clearly from an engineer’s mind at 4am at a hostel)

defies everything you have read about power, voltage and sockets and well..electricty.

one cooler+one pair of trousers= two coolers

sky isnot the limit when you have a plunger. you go Girl!

what happens when you take the mother board out of a CPU? 
simple!it becomes a bookshelf.

and not a tear was shed that day!



We’re incredible Indians. And rightly so. Where do you find so many cultures mixing together and marking unity of a different kind? Yes, there are differences and we’re definitely not a perfect country but there are certain things we do that we’re immensely proud of because no other country, not even America, can match up.
We’re young, powerful and are growing as a nation everyday. Here are 19 things Indians can do easily but Americans can’t/don’t. 
1. Respect our elders, known or unknown.
I’m not saying Americans don’t respect elders. It’s just that you won’t find Indians calling their elders by their first name now, will you?

Source: Twimg

2. Live with our parents for as long as we like. 
We hold on to our families forever without any societal pressures of leaving home after turning 18.

Source: Thelearningcommunity

3. Pronounce difficult tongue-twisters in different languages.
Muvattupuzha, kingkortobbobimur, lohapathgamini! Get what I mean? 

Source: Grantwyeth

4. Use water instead of toilet paper.
It’s not like we don’t have toilet paper in India. It’s just that we like our rear ends to be sparkling clean. 

Source:  Wackyarchives

5. Eat with our bare hands.
Of course, we know how to use spoons and forks, even chopsticks for that matter. But ma ke haath ka khaana is best consumed like this. 

Source: Ethiobeauty

6. Not call all our relatives ‘aunts and uncles’.
Every relative deserves to be distinguished from the other. And we do so without complaining!

Source: Cloudfront 

7. Eat masaledar spicy food.
 Whether it’s our food or our lives, we need a little bit of spice to keep things interesting.

Source: Livehealthtips

8. Attend long, late-night weddings andbaraats
Without letting the energy level drop, we’re up and running throughout! 

Source: Shivmohanband

9. Adjust to any climate, city or place.
Overtime, we’ve managed to settle in various countries, across continents. We are indeed everywhere! 

Source: Pigeontravels

10. Make arranged marriages work.
That’s how most of our parents and grandparents met! 

Source: Photobucket 

11. Find a jugaad for anything and everything! 

Source: Onlyjugaad

12. Pull through large crowds with ease. 
Given the population that we live in, it’s amazing how we manage to find ourselves easily. 

Source: Passionconnect

13. Make the best use of oil.  
From food oil to hair/body massage oil, we use it efficiently whenever required. 

Source: Healthmeup

14. Whether it’s eating out, haircuts or shopping, we can always find a cheaper option!
We really don’t have to sell a kidney for a day out because there are so many convenient options! 

Source: Shunya

15. Bargain with absolute ease and conviction!
“5 rupaye ki cheez 10 rupaye mein? Bhaiya, sahi rate batao!”  And the shopkeeper won’t even mind!

Source: MapsofIndia

16. Go gaga over dhinchak Bollywood tracks!
Hollywood movies are amazing but come on, what’s a movie without a couple of latke-jhatkes here and there? 

Source: Henspartyideas

17. Not have to book an appointment for meeting our relatives. 
we can just show up at anybody’s place and it is acceptable.

Source: Huffpost

18. Celebrate national holidays almost every month. 
No wonder we have the most number of public holidays according to a survey done by Mercer LLC! 

Source: Festivalsadvices

19. Be a part of lavish cricket celebrations. It’s more than religion to us!


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