Can you not refrain from fountain soda?

We generally see fountain soda machines and coffee machines in shopping malls and restaurants. A machine is used to mix sweetened water with gas and serve chilled carbonated water.

What Happens If You Drink Soda?

Well, we already know about the health risks of soda. Now, in this post, let us discuss why drinking sodas from such machines is even more dangerous. Yes, added to all the health risks of drinking soda, there are some additional health dangers. What are they?

15 Harmful Effects Of Drinking Soda

The risks of drinking contaminated water cannot be underestimated. What if contaminated water is used in such machines. Even if pure water is used, what if the machine accumulates dust and bacteria?

Well, let us discuss this further.


In most of the places, the machines aren’t cleaned regularly. They are not maintained well. This results in buildup of bacteria in the pipes. Also, the water used can be contaminated.

Yes, they sometimes do clean these machines. But the problem is they use bleaching agents and don’t flush it out properly. The remnants of the bleach might be present in the liquids you consume.

A recent study declared that liquids from the fountain soda machine do contain several other contaminants too.

If the machines aren’t well maintained, the liquids may also contain diarrhea causing bacteria in them.

Most of us do come across cockroaches in public eateries. So, you don’t need to be surprised if you come across such insects in the soda machines but still, this is one of the health risks of soda that flows from the fountain machine.

Some of these machines do emit odours that are unpleasant. If these odours are due to micro-organisms, you may even suffer respiratory infections.

Apart from all of the above issues, there are also the regular health risks of drinking sodas. So, it is better to avoid these drinks and prefer coconut water when you are thirsty.

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