Do you want to eat at Delhi Airport?
As the name goes is an experience of innovative diverse variations of the extremely delicious Kancheevaram, masala podi idli and many more to suit practically every taste bud.

Location : T3 International – Departure

Curry Kitchen
The finest Indian fusion cuisine designed in the form of meal concepts explores the wonderful diversity of North Indian food.

Location : T3 International – Departure

Dilli Streat
Keeping the unique taste buds of Delhi passengers in mind, the best street from across Delhi.
Location : T3 Domestic – Departure

The recognized world leader in pizza operations across network of company-owned and franchise owned stores in the U.S and international markets.

Location : T3 International – Departure

The Dosa factory is an exclusive vegetarian, quick service restaurant featuring delicious varieties of Dosas. Perfect for the airport ambience- as it ensures fresh choice of food and speedy service to the travelling customers. Appealing to a broad audience with its wide range of all day offers, the Dosa factory is an authentic, complement any food ambience. With a fresh, simple, clean and vibrant design, combining modern finishes and styling inclusive of local elements, it makes for a strong, fast food brand identity.
Location : T1C

Grab and Fly
Grab&Fly is a contemporary, quick and flexible service concept for travellers on the go, now present in over 10 countries around the world. With its string brand personality underscored by bright modern designs, colours and materials, it is proven and well recognized brand. A unique selling point being that it can be tailored to reflect its environment. Designed to offer a wide range of convenient and delicious food and beverages at a great value for money. The full line menu options will satisfy different customer needs at varying times of day ranging from Coffee and Coffee Specialties, cold beverages, fresh juices and waters, croissants, pastries, sandwiches and warm snacks.
Location : T1C

on stop all for all the healthy drinks, low fat smoothies and fresh fruit crushes to relish your taste buds.
Location : T1D, T1D

Kaati Zone
Kaati Zone is a quick service and great take away food joint which is well appreciated by foodies and first timers. The store is designed to offer a wide range of convenient and delicious rolls at a great value for money. There are many other interesting factors namely its offering of Hot and Healthy staple food, really quick service, compact disposable packing, non-messy eating, ideal food choice for Grab and Go, consistent in taste and quality, nutritional offers like whole wheat roll and egg white options and much more.
Location : T1C

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain which; primarily sells chicken pieces, wraps, salads and sandwiches. While its primary focus is fried chicken, KFC also offers a line of roasted chicken products, side dishes and desserts.

Location : T1D, T3 Domestic – Departure

Masala Twist
Masala Twist restaurant serves North Indian food. The restaurant has a nice ambience. The food served here specially caters to the variety of taste buds that reside in this multi-lingual and multi-cultural.
Location : T3 International – Departure

The leading global burger company offering the best of burgers in the form of quick meals & snacks. This is where value means great food, friendly staff with quick and accurate service.
Location : T3 Domestic – Departure, T3 International – Departure

Nizam’s is your one stop destination for Kathi Kababs. Popular dishes include Chicken Roll, Kashmiri Kathi Roll, and Double Mutton Roll among a wide choice of Kabab rolls, curries, rice, and bread baskets.
Location : T1D

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is the world’s largest pizza chain with over 12,500 restaurants across 91 countries. Pizza hut offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes including pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks, and garlic bread.

Location : T1D, T3 Domestic – Departure

Developed in Italy as a quick serve, authentic Italian pizza restaurant, Spizzico is answer to a reliable, good fresh food experience, characterized through delicious pizza, pasta and salad offerings- so fresh, so simple and tasty that you’ll wonder why you have eaten anywhere else. It offers warm and natural feel, with the use genuine textures that provide an unparalleled fresh appeal to the travelling audience. At Spizzico, this is achieved through the sophisticated array of products, complemented by authentic finishes and features, which add to the consumer experience, creating a sense of Italian showmanship and culinary activity. Offers a varied assortment of gourmet pizzas, freshly baked Panini’s, salads, pastries.
Location : T1C

Street Food by Punjab Grill
At Street Food by Punjab Grill, we intend to bring the lips smacking street foods/Chaat from various regions along with other well known North & South Indian regional delicacies, Chinese Food cooked in a hygienic way to pamper the taste buds..
Location : T1D, T1D

Subway is an American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads.It is the largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator in the world. Subway’s core product is the submarine sandwich (or “sub”). In addition to these, the chain also sells wraps, salad, and baked goods (including cookies, doughnuts, and muffins).
Location : T1D

A balanced meal concept offering made-to-order hot and cold sandwiches, milkshakes, pastas, soups, salads, smoothies and juices.

Location : T3 International – Departure

Taste Of India

Taste of India is the wonderful quick serve world of Indian cuisine, where travelers can enjoy a fast snack break or a more filling meal. At Taste of India, there is something for everyone, and it is always freshly prepared. A medley of vegetarian and non vegetarian from various regions of India are presented with a modern execution from delicacies and zesty Chaats to other wonderful starters, smoky Kebabs, Curries, Tikkas, varieties of Dal, Pulao, Biryani, Indian Breads and Desserts. Hot and cold beverages complete the meals and pre-packed beverages for take away with handy snacks are merchandised separately for easy grab and go.

Location : T1C

The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf
Offering over 22 varieties of coffee and 20 kinds of tea from around the world, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf offers customers special personalized service with the highest quality standard of coffee and tea making it “Simply the Best.”

Location : T3 International – Departure

The Food Street
The best of curries and cuisine, hand-picked from the legendary Northern frontier as well as Southern Kitchen menus.
Location : T1D, T3 Domestic – Arrival, T3 Domestic – Departure, T3 International – Arrival

The Noodle Wok
An exciting, fresh, vibrant and contemporary oriental experience! Set in an Oriental-inspired, vibrant and a friendly relaxed environment.

Location : T3 International – Departure

An authentic South Indian experience in a contemporary style.
Location : T1D, T3 Domestic – Arrival, T3 Domestic – Departure, T3 International – Arrival

Yo! China
Top quality Chinese food at affordable prices. The menu is a mix of popular and offbeat Chinese preparations.
Location : T3 Domestic – Departure


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