Garlic is very useful for health

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Dr. Ashish Sharma

PGDEMS, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) · Ayurveda ·

11 Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is a very essential spice in Indian food preparations that adds a unique spice to various varieties of food. But, garlic is far more than just that! It has some unbelievable health benefits that each and every one of us can reap just with regular consumption!

1: Treats common cold- Garlic is used as a medicine to cure the recurring common cold. If a running nose and congested chest area is troubling you; a good dose of garlic can help you ease it!

2: Reduces weight- Garlic reduces the excessive fat in the human body, eventually causing a decrease in overall weight. Consume garlic regularly for effective weight reduction.

3: Treats flaky skin- People suffering from athlete’s foot and dry skin can rub a concoction of garlic and water across their feet to reduce the itchiness and flaky skin.

4: Tackles acne- Garlic is an antioxidant that kills bacteria. Rub some garlic paste over acne to eliminate them.

5: Healthier sexual organs- Garlic helps in better circulation of blood around the abdomen. Sexual organs with greater supply of oxygen function better, causing more pleasure while having sex.

6: Cures toothache- Garlic is a natural analgesic! While suffering from toothache, place half a clove of garlic on the affected tooth to reduce pain in minutes.

7: Ensures healthy heart- Consuming garlic everyday enhances the stretching and flexing ability of the arteries, preventing the clotting and facilitates easier flow of blood.

8: Fights allergies- The Thiacrmonone present in garlic suppresses the effects of any allergy.

9: Prevents hair loss- Garlic contains a lot of Keratin that boosts the regeneration of hair from the pores

10: Control blood sugar- Garlic boosts the release of insulin that controls blood sugar levels

11: Eliminates iron deficiency- A greater production of ferroportin is facilitated by the Diallyl sulphide concentration in garlic. Ferroportin assist in better absorption and release of iron in the body, tackling iron deficiency.


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