Girls rescued at airport

Human Traffickers Arrested at the Airport; 21 Girls Rescued

Human Traffickers Arrested at Delhi Airport; 21 Girls Rescued

File Photo: New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport

New Delhi: A human trafficking racket was busted today with the arrest of two alleged touts at the IGI airport in New Delhi and 21 Nepalese girls were rescued from South West Delhi on the basis of the information provided by them.

The girls were to be sent to Dubai by the racket, airport police said.

“This morning, a police team arrested two Nepalese agents of the human trafficking racket – Vishnu Tamang, 25, and Daya Ram, 33,” said MI Haidar, DCP of IGI airport police.

During interrogation, they revealed location of 21 Nepalese girls in the age group of 20 to 35 years who were brought from Nepal to be sent to Dubai, DCP Haider said.

Raids were conducted at several places in Mahipalpur and the girls and some incriminating documents were seized, the officer said.

The incident comes on the heels of arrest of two employees of Air India SATS on July 22. They were allegedly instrumental in facilitating illegal departure of Nepalese girls to Dubai.

Seven Nepalese girls were also rescued and an FIR was registered in this connection at IGI Airport, said the DCP.

During the investigation, the two employees of Air India SATS, Manish Gupta and Kapil Kumar, had disclosed that some Nepalese agents were involved in trafficking of the girls by luring them with job offers in Gulf countries, he said.

They also told that several other Nepalese girls have been brought from Nepal who were staying at Mahipalpur area.

Both the arrested agents admitted to trafficking of a large number of Nepalese girls to Gulf countries through fake travel documents and earning a commission of Rs 4000-5000 for every girl as commission, added the officer.


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