Do you know Chelation Therapy?



When it comes to chelation therapy in Pune, our team of doctors provides the best solution. Before you to go for chelation therapy in our Pune centre, here are some details that can shed more light on chelation therapy. Nowadays we see more contamination in food, water, and air. Apart from that fast food, canned foods, fermented foods and other instant foods also contain traces of chemicals in preservatives. When we consume these types of contaminated foods, the toxin level in our body increases too. Chelation serves as


Anyway, nature has gifted all living beings, especially human beings to defend themselves with their own immune system. The immune system in our body fights naturally against foreign bodies and pathogens. But when the toxins increases beyond a limit, it suppresses the body’s immune system, which could eventually lead to various diseases and illness.

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How can we remove the toxins from the body? Mild toxins can be removed by following an effective detoxification diet. But, normal detoxification techniques cannot remove harmful metallic toxins like mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, silver, or copper. When the toxins are harmful, then it becomes difficult to flush them out of the human body. Moreover, depending on the type of toxins, they could form strong blood clots, cell mutations, memory loss, weakness, strokes, and other plethora of diseases. So when you remove the harmful toxins from your body, almost all the diseases instantly vanishes.

Now let us see what chelation therapy is and how it can help you get rid off metallic toxins from your body. Chelation therapy relies on chelating agents, which can bind with metallic toxins in a form that can be easily flushed out from the body. There are various chelating agents and the type of agents to be used depends on the type of toxins a body has.


Presence of toxins in the blood could not only cause clots but could also lead to cardio vascular blockages, heart diseases, strokes, paralysis, artery diseases, arthritis, Parkinson disease, cancer, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, free radicals, cell mutation, and the list goes on.

When chelating agents are used to dissolve toxins, there is a remarkable improvement in one’s health condition. The first important thing that happens is reduction in the thickness of blood and lowering of cholesterol level. This essentially removes calcified blocks.

The functioning of heart, liver, kidney, brain, and other sensory organs in your body also begins to improve when the flow of blood increases. Moreover, there is also improvement in memory power, concentration power, hearing capacity, eyesight, functioning of immune system and hormone production. Our experts provide the best chelation therapy in Pune which you can make use of to get rid off all your aliments.



Arvind Bhat   Age 75years

I was having blocks in my heart blood vessel ad suggested for bypass surgery. I was not willing to undergo surgery. Luckily I got Reference of Dr. Vikrant Laate of Suvish Hollistic Wellness Center from 1 of my friend who had already taken treatment from him. I took the chelation therapy treatment from him. Now I m living very healthy life. I thank Dr. Laate for Curing me and giving me new life.

oct 25th, 2014

Chadrakant Glanade   Age 68Years

I was fade up taking many tablets for years for blood pressure and diabetes . I m very thankful to Dr. Vikrant Laate and Suvish holistic wellness center for curing my Blood pressure, Diabetes and heart problem by Chelaation therapy and I need not take any medicine too .

oct 20th, 2014

Sushila Dere   Age 87 Years

May God bless Dr. Laate for giving me new life. I was rejected on operation table by well-known cardiologist of city considering my age and complications. I was diagnosed with triple vessel disease showing 100% blockages . Dr. Laate took up the chalange of curing me. Now I m so fit travelled independently alone 2ce to Singapore. This bonus life is gift by Dr. Vikrant Laate and Suvish holistic wellness center.

June 15th, 2014

Saurabh Gaikwad

I thank to Dr. Laate and Suvish holistic wellness center. For providing me good health with there Ayurvedic and Panchakarma treatment. I was suffering from hyperacidy and gastric ulcer from years. Was taking allopathic medicine for years, but now no medicines are needed .thanks to them 1ce again.

June 28th, 2014


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