Honeymooners – These places are for you only

Marriage, a divine relation that binds not just two families or individuals, but also two souls with an eternal bond for a lifetime! With the knot being tied, life just takes a new turn towards love, bliss and romance.
Such an auspicious bond in life, why not and add some more strokes of romance and affection with a pleasant honeymoon trip? But then…that one question strikes the mind: where to go?
Well, no more worries in planning a dreamy honeymoon trip! Here is a list of 50 best honeymoon destinations in India; just pick up the most alluring destination and let love do the rest for you…
  1. Agra – it’s all about eternal love

    m_Agra 2
    When it comes to plan a honeymoon trip to Agra, one doesn’t need words to describe it, but to feel its love and romance. Admire the magical beauty of the Taj Mahal and immortalize your love for your better half!
    m_Agra 3
  2. Udaipur – a royal ride to the Venice of the East

    m_Udaipur 2
    Well, a honeymoon trip to the ‘City of Lakes’ or the ‘Venice of the East’ can be merely described in words! Just plan your honeymoon trip in this alluring city; feel love and romance captivating every moment of your life!
    m_Udaipur 3
  3. Jaisalmer – Let the hearts fondle each other at the heart of the Thar Desert

    m_Jaisalmer 1
    Honeymoon in Jaisalmer is truly a hearty affair! Located right at the heart of the great Thar Desert, honeymoon in the ‘Golden City’ or Jaisalmer is all about art and crafts, culture and tradition, the warmth of each others’ company and promises for life.
    m_Jaisalmer 2
  4. Pushkar – where Love and devotion completes each other

    m_Pushkar 1
    Love without devotion is just like a temple without a God! The holy lands of Pushkar, with all its rustic charm and sacredness, will surely urge both of you to pour your hearts and devote all your life for the happiness of each other.
  5. Rishikesh – love and adventure on the rocks

    If living life on the edge excites both you and your other half, no other destinations in India can replace the charm and appeal of Rishikesh. Home to some of the strenuous treks, gruesome rapids and several adventure activities, every bit of this city will make your honeymoon an enthralling experience for both of you!
  6. Kovalam – where Love gets mixed with relaxation

    Get swayed away in each other’s arms…add a little amount of relaxation to your honeymoon trip and enjoy each other’s company in the most romantic way!
  7. Goa – Love in the air

    m_Goa 1
    Do not let pass a single moment without love and romance! Make her feel your tenderly emotions, give her all the reasons to shower all her love on you and let the alluring breezes do the talk for you!
    m_Goa 2
  8. Andaman & Nicobar Islands – get infected with the Love-bug

    m_Andaman 1
    Let the love-bugs in both of you caress each other in the most adorable ways! As both of you get bitten by these bugs, let the silver sands and azure waters of Andaman cure both of you with a sting of romance and passion.
    m_Andaman 2
  9. Alleppey – at times, silence talks more volume of Love

    Words are not always to make each other feel the love and romance! Plan your honeymoon trip to the silent backwaters in Alleppey and allow silence do the talking for you!
  10. Pondicherry – Love the French way

    m_Pondicherry 1
    Witness love growing deep in the most passionate ways as the time flows! Add a pinch of French essence to your honeymoon and make every moment of your honeymoon memorable in the surreal locales of Pondicherry!
    m_Pondicherry 2
  11. Tarkarli -where every moment makes you fall in love with each other

    Begin the new phase of your life with a memorable honeymoon trip to the romantic beaches of Tarkarli and it’s resort. It is in this quaint hamlet, you will find all the reasons to fall in love with each other once again!
  12. Darjeeling – make your yesterday jealous with a Love-filled today

    As you witness the sun rising over the horizon from the Tiger Hills, promise a bond that will make both of you love each other even more than yesterday! Caress and pamper the honeymoon trip with stunning views of the Himalayas, Mt Everest and the enthralling Kanchenjunga Peak.
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  13. Srinagar – truly a paradise for the honeymooners

    m_Srinagar 1
    Take a shikara ride in the stunning Dal Lake, visit the many colourful gardens and fill your honeymoon with the most romantic moments! Well, when in Srinagar, words can’t just define the experience; you need to feel it!
    m_Srinagar 2
  14. Jodhpur – Love and feel Loved in the Thar Desert

    m_Jodhpur 1
    Step into the wonderful bond of marriage with a candid honeymoon trip to the ‘Blue City’ Jodhpur and curate some of the most loved moments of your life! Like the openness of the Thar Desert, open your heart to your partner and make each other feel loved amidst the romantic sands of Jodhpur.
  15. Ranthambore – The most adventurous jungle stay

    m_Ranthambore 1
    Unlike others, if you and your partner are inclined towards the nature or the fascinating wildlife, you must plan your honeymoon in Ranthambore National Park. The enthralling wildlife safaris, tracing the beasts and moments in the luxury camps will surely make it for an amazing honeymoon trip.
  16. Jaipur – let the colours speak Love and affection

    Let the essence of royalty and lavishness cuddle up your honeymoon trip! Make your partner feel your unconditioned love within the colourful lanes of the Pink City Jaipur and strengthen the bond of love and affection between the two of you.
    m_Jaipur 1
  17. Coorg – romance in the Scotland of India

    m_Coorg 1
    Nothing in this world can buy the happiness of being with your beloved one! Add more colours to this divine relation with a honeymoon trip to the evergreen locales and scintillating hills of Coorg. Also known as the ‘Scotland of India’, the fun and delight of your honeymoon will never cease in this hill town!
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    m_Coorg 2
  18. Gulmarg – the canvas of nature awaits the love strokes

    m_Gulmarg 1
    The snowy meadows of Gulmarg await you to bring all your romantic emotions to life! The alluring charm of the snow-clad hills and valleys of this hill station outlooks any other honeymoon destinations in the country.
    m_Gulmarg 2
  19. Kumarakom – silent, yet romantic

    m_Kumarakom 1
    After all the festive celebrations of a big-fat wedding, both of you really deserve to relax away from everyone! Sail through the silent backwaters of Kumarakom, relax in a houseboat and blend your honeymoon with plenitude of relaxing moments along with the tenderness of love and romance!
    m_Kumarakom 2
  20. Ooty – nature is the best host to start a new life

    m_Ooty 1
    Embraced by the fascinating beauty of the Nilgiri Hills and adorned with pleasant hilly climate and stunning beauty, Ooty in undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations in the country. Quaint, yet mesmerising, honeymoon in Ooty is all about cuddling each other in the lap of nature!
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    m_Ooty 2
  21. Munnar – redefine love and romance in the evergreen hills

    m_Munnar 1
    Feel the love and romance in you grow more and more while on a honeymoon trip in Munnar! Let the amorous tea plantations, the captivating hills, the windy roads and the serenity that exists in Munnar redefine your love for your better half.
    m_Munnar 2
  22. Nainital – love, bliss and the pristine nature

    m_Nainital 1
    Situated at the foothills of the Kumaon Himalayas, Nainital also boasts of being one of the best honeymoon destinations in the country. With attractions like the Nainital Lake, Naini Peak, Tiffin Top and others, this scenic hill station is a truly a romantic place to start a new journey of love.
    m_Nainital 2
  23. Kodaikanal – begin the new journey with plenty of love

    m_Kodaikanal 1
    Don’t do anything, but spend loving and caressing moment with each other on your honeymoon trip! Appreciate each and every moment, embrace the love between the two of you and mark the most romantic beginning of your life in the enchanting locales of Kodaikanal.
    m_Kodaikanal 2
  24. Ranikhet – win over her heart with all your love and emotions

    m_Ranikhet 1
    Relive the folklores that states how a Raja Sudhardev fell in love with the gorgeous Rani Padmini and finally won her heart! Make your better half feel like the queen of your life and give her all the reasons, she would give her heart to you!
  25. Kanyakumari – love each other beyond the end of time

    A point, where the land ends and begins the mighty ocean, Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu is amongst the most sought after honeymoon destinations in the country. The lands might end here, but happiness, togetherness, love, peace and prosperity begins from here!
  26. Puri – peace dwells around the beaches

    Cosseted by the captivating appeal of the Bay of Bengal, this city in Odisha entices its visitors with an array of offerings. From stunning beaches to hidden settlements, pious temples to pilgrim centres, Puri has all the elements to make your honeymoon memorable.
  27. Tawang – a honeymoon paradise in the North-East

    Seek blessings in the holy Tawang Monastery, take a helicopter ride with your better half, enjoy local sightseeing, interact with the locals and get engrossed in several other delightful activities. If both of you are amongst the adrenaline buffs, you must take a road trip through the country roads, rafting, angling and trekking in Tawang.
  28. Lakshadweep Islands – where the emerald beaches romances the turquoise waters

    What can be more romantic than to hold each other’s hand and take a walk along the emerald beaches of Lakshadweep Island! As you both take a step forwards, let the waves bring both of you closer than before!
  29. Daman & Diu – a promise for Life

    m_Daman & Diu 1
    Hidden from the rest of the world, the silent beaches in Daman & Diu will introduce both of you to the enchanting world of togetherness. Promise each other a world, where ever morning brings in new hopes, faiths and unconditioned love!
    m_Daman & Diu 2
  30. Shimla – add purity and wholeness to the new beginning

    White is not just a colour! It also signifies the amount of purity, wholeness and completion. Shower the new beginning in your life with the essence of the white snows, add purity, complete each other with love and affection and make it for the most romantic moments of your life!
  31. Manali – fall in Love with the snows

    Have a tryst with the snow-capped peaks, romance the untouched beauty of the nature and fall in love with each other amidst the enchanting greeneries. To make your honeymoon more eventful, take your better half for a skiing, sightseeing and romantic tour in Manali.
  32. Leh & Ladakh – a reason to get closer to your partner

    When love gets blended with the allurement of adventure, your honeymoon trip is sure to be one of the most cherishable phases of your life! And if both of you happen to be adventurous souls, Leh-Ladakh will bring you closer with all its fascinating offerings.
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  33. Auli – one step closer to each other

    m_Auli 2
    Auli, a snowy destination, where you can embrace the sweetness and charm of being together, is a bucolic honeymoon destination in the country. Witness the grandiosity of the snow, fall in love with the stunning hills, scenic plains and get closer to each other!
    m_Auli 1
  34. Khajjiar – make all your dreams come true

    After the dream of being together comes true, it is the turn for another dream to come real! Your dream to spend some of the most appealing and romantic moments with your better half will come true in the magical valleys of Khajjiar, which is fondly called the ‘Switzerland of India’.
  35. Hampi – shape your present with the aura of the past

    m_Hampi 1
    In order to sweeten our present, we must adore our past! And when it comes to feel the vibes of the past and to shape the present for a romantic future, the splendid past of Hampi proves to be an inspiration for the new couples.
  36. Mahabaleshwar – fill every moment with love and romance

    m_MAhabaleshwar 1
    As the sun kisses the horizon, let the love in you grow deeper! Enjoy a romantic boat ride in the Venna Lake, have a glimpse of the Needle Point, spend some of the candid moments at several view points and make every moment memorable in Mahabaleshwar.
  37. Khajuraho – where love and passion are worshipped

    Get enchanted with the art and sculpture of the past and caress each other in the most passionate ways! Khajuraho; one such place where love and passion is worshipped at every corner, will cuddle up your honeymoon in the most alluring ways.
    m_Khajurao 1
  38. Khandala – let the nature paint your journey of love

    Every moment in Khandala adds a new colour to your honeymoon trip. A pictorial hill station in Maharashtra; around 100km from Pune, the scenic beauty, pleasant climate, many different viewpoints and the solitude in Khandala makes it for an eventful honeymoon trip!
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  39. Dhanaulti – enjoy the company with all the peace of mind

    All that it takes to make honeymoon more memorable is peace of mind, no disturbance from outsiders, quality time with each other and a wonderful atmosphere! Plan your honeymoon trip to Dhanaulti in Mussoorie and you will find all these in one place.
  40. Kasauli – cherish every moment like never before

    m_Kasauli 1
    Romancing your other half at a height of 6,322ft and amidst the lush pine trees, lofty peaks, cheerful and lively locals, is all that you would wish to do in your honeymoon. Plan your honeymoon to Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh and you can make your dreams come true!
    m_Kasauli 2
  41. Mount Abu – an oasis of love and romance

    m_Mount Abu 1
    Truly an oasis in the Thar Desert, Mount Abu will not only amaze you, but will also help you open your heart to your better half. The pleasant climate, alluring views all around, delightful things to do and the picture-perfect beauty of the hill station will fondle both of you at its best!
    m_Mount Abu 2
  42. Shillong – romance the clouds and hills

    m_Shillong 1
    Romance the low-flying clouds in the lap of  the Mother Nature, visit the stunning waterfalls, adore the mesmeric beauty of the hills and make her feel special during your honeymoon in Shillong. In case, she is an adventure lady, take her for caving or a ride through the winding roads around the city; give her reasons to cherish your honeymoon forever and ever!
    m_Shillong 2
  43. McLeod Ganj – wish for an eternal togetherness

    m_McLeod Ganj
    Incite the sense of spirituality and make your honeymoon, a reason to wish and pray for eternal togetherness! Plan your honeymoon in McLeod Ganj, a quaint hilly settlement in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, and enjoy the immaculate beauty of the nature while spirituality prevails in every bit of the town.
  44. Mussoorie – everlasting memories amidst the Queen of Hills

    m_Mussoorie 1
    Get soaked amidst the captivating beauty of the ‘Queen of Hills’, visit the gorgeous waterfalls, take a cable-car ride over the stunning valleys, spend pleasant moments with each other while boating in a spectacular lake; what more can you wish for in a honeymoon trip to Mussoorie!
    m_Mussoorie 2
  45. Pahalgam – undoubtedly a paradise for the honeymooners

    No matter what, but no other honeymoon destinations in India can overlook the charm and appeal of Jammu and Kashmir. Enchanted with scenic meadows, stunning mountains, appealing forests and stunning rivers, Pahalgam; one of the picturesque offerings of Jammu & Kashmir, also takes the pride of being a paradise for honeymoon trips.
  46. Sunderbans – dream destination for the wildlife loving couples

    m_Sunderbans 1
    If the fascinating beauty of the wildlife makes both of your hearts skip a beat, the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve in West Bengal must be your honeymoon destination. Natural home to the Royal Bengal Tigers and several other exotic wild species, you will enjoy every single moment in the Sunderbans.
    m_Sunderbans 2
  47. Matheran – an amazing summer destination for honeymoon

    Planning a honeymoon during the Indian summers proves to be a tougher job! Well, if you are also going through the same trauma, just plan it in Matheran, Maharashtra and allow the fascinating Western Ghats play the magic.
  48. Dalhousie – where the hills and the plains do the trick

    Situated on five different hills, Dalhousie is the other name of pictorial beauty and openness of the nature, an untouched and pristine outlook and allurement of the snow-white valleys. Plan your honeymoon trip to this hill station and give your other half, all the reasons to fall for you!
  49. Jim Corbett National Park – for the most enthralling honeymoon experieince

    m_Jim Corbett National Park
    Yet another primal destination for the wildlife loving coupes, the Jim Corbett National Park is indeed an enthralling honeymoon spots in the country. From the stay to a safari, the surreal vegetation to wildlife spotting, you will never have a dull moment during your honeymoon in this park.
  50. Coonoor – for a quiet and calm honeymoon

    Located few kilometres from Ooty, Coonoor also takes the pride of being an ideal honeymoon destination in the Nilgiri Range. Laced with several natural wonders, both of you can spend some of the most peaceful and serene moments in this hill station town.


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