Pls read it before you go in for hair transplant

You will get tired of finding the reasons why you are getting bald untimely. Sometimes the remedies and treatments all fail to get back the dearest hair on your scalp. Finally, at young age you have to hear ‘uncle’ or ‘aunt’. 

How irritating, isn’t it? Hair transplant is the boon of modern medical technology which can build your self esteem by giving you beautiful bouncy hair.

Now the main concern of yours is how safe is hair transplant? You can get information about the cost, process etc. from internet and the clinics. But are there any hair transplant side effects? Is it really a fruitful process? 

Such questions often remain unanswered and only raise your confusion. The hair transplant procedure is different for male and female. So, before opting for this you must be aware of the pros and cons of the process.

If you want to know how safe hair transplant is, consult the physician and take his/her advises. The doctor will test the texture of your scalp and advice how safe is hair transplant. If there are chances of hair transplant side effects, you must go through a treatment for those. Let see how safe is hair transplant-


you can’t ignore this positive side of hair transplant. Not only enhancing your look but it also improves your self esteem. For this reason you can ignore the little side effects of hair transplant.

hair transplant is a surgical process. So you can’t actually avoid the hair transplant side effects. Numbness is one of those. It happens due to the anesthesia. It will take time to cure. At least 3 weeks are required to get cured.

many of you can feel an itching on your scalp. It is a normal process after hair transplant. If you shampoo your hair regularly, itching will become lesser in weeks.

how safe is hair transplant? You must be aware about infection. Though doctors say that it happens to rare cases, it can be treated with anti-biotic. So, you need not panic.

a very common side effect which happens to almost all patients. It happens around your eyes and forehead. It remains for 3-5 days. But you need not be worry about it as within a week it reduces. It is not harmful too.

you will get idea about how safe is hair transplant. If you see bleeding, don’t worry. It is also normal, though it happens rare. In case of bleeding, stitches are required to get well.

the above side effects are nothing serious. Basically, doctors say that hair transplant process is absolutely free of side effects. Even you can go through the process in a very relaxing way.

Hopefully you get a conception how safe is hair transplant. Basically, these side effects are not harmful. Still, if you have some problems, never delay to consult your physician.

A proper course of medication can heal everything and you can get natural looking hair. Always consult reputed clinics to go through the process without any side effects.


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