Waterfalls that you can climb up

1. Dudhiware Falls, Lonavala

Source :- ytimg.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Vaibhav Patil from Pune shares, “Lonavala is a mind blowing destination for travel, because of awesome atmosphere. Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Kumar resort, McDonalds and shopping places. You can experience actual rainfall, waterfall there.”

How to reach Lonavala | Where to stay in Lonavala

2. Bhivpuri Falls, Karjat

Source :- janasevasamiti.org

HolidayIQ Traveller Pankaj Patil from Thane shares, “One of the best waterwall. Best time to visit is rainy season. Nearest railway station is Karjat. We can come by road also. Its best location for one day picnic.”

How to reach Karjat | Where to stay in Karjat

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3. Kondana Caves, Karjat

Source :- mumbaitravellers.in

Kondana Caves are rock-cut ancient Buddhist caves, located at an hour’s trek away from the Kondana village. The waterfalls by the caves are a favourite amongst adventure enthusiasts. You are guaranteed to have once in a lifetime amazing experience.

How to reach Karjat | Where to stay in Karjat

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4. Chelavara Falls, Madikeri

Source :- wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Pranjal Sharma from Bhopal shares, “The way one has to reach these falls makes you feel as if you have discovered it by following the sounds of gushing water. There is a bit of drive stopping by against a small board indicating the falls and then a nice little trek. The view is overwhelming specially when the falls are at their full glory. Do remember to wear trek shoes as it may get very slippery and don’t venture too close of the water.”

How to reach Madikeri | Where to stay in Madikeri

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5. Dandeli

Source :- omtourism.in

HolidayIQ Traveller Kishore from Hyderabad shares, “Very nice place to visit and nice weather. Visit Kali river for rafting, jacuzzi bath. There were no street bazaars & shopping malls. We can enjoy the trekking, birds watching, Jungle safari, river crossing activities. We can visit the supa dam and waterfalls nearby.”

How to reach Dandeli | Where to stay in Dandeli

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6. Makalidurga

Source :- karnataka.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Dev Balaji from Bangalore shares, “Four kilometre short of Ghati Subramanya on Gauribidanur road lies Gunjur Hill. Rises at the height of 1400ft. It is a gradual uphill climb of 4kms, takes approx an hour and thirty minutes with decent brakes. Hill is surrounded with dates, Custard apples and lemon grass. On top of the hill there is a fort and a shiva temple amidst it, facing towards Nandhi hills. Activities & things to do: 1. Hill climbing. 2. Abseiling (Rappelling). 3. High rope traversing. 4. Multi Vine traversing. 5. Mountain biking.”

How to reach Bangalore | Where to stay in Bangalore

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7. Kimona Falls, Chakrata

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HolidayIQ Traveller Sima Badhan from Gurgaon shares, “It is a beautiful summer destination for escaping scorching summers of north. Tiger water fall and kimona water fall add icing on the cake with icy cold water to take efreshing dips. It is a bliss. Then comes the deoban, 500mts trek and you are in the heaven with clear view of himalayan ranges. It is a perfect holiday away from crowded known destinations.”

How to reach Chakrata | Where to stay in Chakrata

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8. Elephant Falls, Shillong

Source :- wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Hazarika from Guwahati shares, “Its a beautiful place to enjoy if you are physically fit. Down the line there is a park where you can enjoy the waterfall sitting down and gazing at the fall listening the roar of the rolling water.”

How to reach Shillong | Where to stay in Shillong

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