Olivia Brown shares experiences of India’s tour

It was beautiful!!
I loved traveling India.
I don’t know where to start! But I’ll try:


History made my love for India deeper. I visited some of the most beautiful, breathtaking historical places:

Taj Mahal- Agra ( Taj means ‘crown’ and Mahal is ‘palace’ in hindi)

Hawa Mahal ( I came to know ‘hawa’ means air/wind in hindi) – Jaipur

Golkonda Fort – Hyderabad

Charminar ( I came to know char means ‘four’ and minar means ‘pillars’ in hindi)


I love Indian food. It defines the real taste of spices! I found that the food is actually very different in different parts of India. Following are the items which I found too good!  (Aren’t they mouth watering?): (personally I don’t like clicking pics of food, so these are from the internet)

Naan and kadhai paneer from North India

Dosa and Idli from South India

Momos in East India ( I visited Shillong and Darjeeling!)

Golgappe- All over India.
I found them more or less everywhere and I ate them more or less everywhere! 

Some more:
Aloo ka paratha (somewhat like a roti….just stuffed with potatoes and more crisp)
Chola bhatura 


I’m a nature lover. Travelling crowded places is fine, but in the end I always crave to be near nature and spend some time alone. India fulfilled this need of mine!

1. I visited Keoladeo National park- Rajasthan

Full of migratory birds, it’s amazing how beautiful it is!

2. Sunderban National park- West Bengal
Awesome Indian tigers!

3. Darjeeling and Shillong- These places are truly heaven!


(Cherrapunji {nearby Shillong} in Meghalaya)

Shimla- Himachal Pradesh
Experienced snow in Shimla 🙂

It often strikes me how beautiful our world is and at every such thought I never ever miss to remember India. What an experience!

Same answer can be found here: How was your first travel experience to India like?


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