Have you seen the student hangouts in Mumbai?

  • 5 Hangout spots in Mumbai5 Hangout spots in Mumbai

Mumbai is a great city to study in. Apart from the range of colleges dotted across the city, it’s actually a pretty cool place for outstation students as you get to experience one of the greatest cities in the country (just to avoid a Mumbai vs. Delhi argument, this article is being written by a Delhi girl who loves both cities). So, as someone who’s new to the city, here are a few awesome hangouts in Mumbai that you should know about:

1. Gokul’s

You’re going to spend a lot of time here

Image Source:http://epaper.timesofindia.com/

In the whole Gokul’s vs Janta debate, Gokul’s wins hands down, while Sunlight makes it a close second (but mostly for the Xavier’s crowd). With two spacious floors loaded with tables and an AC that just doesn’t quit, this is the ideal hangout place, and quite possibly, the first one you’ll be dragged to by your new friends.

Highlights: The garlic chicken roll is pretty awesome. Packed with mayo and gigantic pieces of juicy chicken, this is going to fill you up quickly. Also, you get booze here.

2. Marine Drive

Watch the sea endlessly

Image Source:https://delhidiariesblog.files.wordpress.com/

As clichéd as it may sound, Marine Drive is totally amazing. Whether you want to hang out and watch different versions of the sunset everyday (they’re all spectacular), or chill here after all the nightclubs shut down and wait for your hostel doors to finally open, Marine Drive always gives you an experience that you’ll remember for life.

Highlights: There is a cycle chai-wallah who has the most amazing cutting chai.

3. Colaba Causeway

Thrift shopping all day long!

Image Source:http://www.mapsofindia.com/

Apart from a score of street stalls to get your fashion fix from, Colaba Causeway has a myriad of restaurants and cafes for students to hang out at. While the most obvious ones are Mondy’s (Café Mondegar) and Leopold’s (this one’s overrated, though), there are scores of Iranian restaurants at the back lanes, which are certainly worth haunting.

Highlights: Theobroma’s Bacon Butty and the whole Arabian feel at Koyla’s

4. Hiranandani

The new hub!

Image Source: http://mumbaigloss.in/

This one’s relatively new and I haven’t actually hung out anywhere in Hiranandani. However, I’ve been told that the vast number of trendy restaurants here draws in the college crowd by the truckload. With restaurants like Mirchi and Mime, Harry’s Bar and Café, Chillis, Hoppipola, and many more, this is the ideal place in Mumbai to get your party fix.

Highlights: No matter what you’re in the mood for, Hiranandani has it all.

5. Prithvi Cafe

Theater lovers unite

Image Source: http://www.hg2mumbai.com

Prithvi Cafe is ideal for those who love theatre and amazing ambiences in which to enjoy a cup of tea. Essentially, it’s just a tiny little café inside the Prithvi theatre that is filled with art lovers. An amazing place for those never ending conversations and reveries, they also have delicious food.

Highlights: The hot drinks here, like the Irish coffee and Sulemani chai, are to die for! Also, it’s a great place to meet new people who are as passionate about theatre as you are.

Mumbai is an amazing city to study in. Whether you’ve lived in the city all your life or have recently moved here, there’s one thing you can’t ignore: the electrifying energy all around you. Depending on the college that you’re in, you’re going to have your own set of hang out spots that you’ll haunt frequently because they’ll be super pertinent to your crowd. Whether they’re a part of this list or not, you’ll find yourself day dreaming about them when you’re at work years later.


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