Hill station – Panchgani (Maharashtra)

Panchgani Hill Station

Located at an elevation of 1334 above sea level, Panchgani is a gorgeous hill station in Maharashtra. On the banks of the river of Shayadri ranges, Panchgani is a place of five hills. It is a vivacious and scenic holiday destination. This destination was used by British officials as their summertime resort.

The destination is also a natural relaxation sight, adding conveniences with the soothing effect of cool breeze whispering through the woody regions.

Panchgani has many old British building and Parsi houses and educational institutes. With its pristine natural beauty and refreshing oxygen level, Panchgani is also preferred by patients. As it gives them pure environs due to which patients get better faster.

Tourist Attractions

Parsi Point

This is one of the popular attractions of the hill station. From this point, one can see the most wonderful views around the Krishna Valley. It was named so for being a favourite spot for Parsi community.

Rajpuri Caves

Located about 10 km from Panchgani, it houses a temple of Lord Karthikeya. Tourists can also see a temple of local goddess Gjatjal Devi. At the entrance of the caves, there are stone plates.
There are four main caves, three are linked by underground tunnels and one is separate.


Situated at an elevation of 4550 above sea level, it is the highest part of Panchgani.Several caves are there, among which Devil’s Kitchen is the popular one. Visited by many tourists, it also has the arrangements to enjoy horse riding, mini trains and merry go rounds.

Sydney Point

Lies on a small hillock, this point is named after Sir Sidney Beckwarth. It is a high cliff, located on the Krishna valley. It is the ideal place to enjoy the lush greenery of the surroundings, the flowing Dhom Dam and the scenic hills of Pandavgarh and Mandardevi.

Devil’s Kitchen

Situated south of the tableland, it is believed to be the place where the Pandavas stayed here for a while. They used this place for cooking.

Dhoom Dham

It is a major tourist attraction, situated about 21 km away from Panchgani. This is a gorgeous boating spot. Apart from offering boating facilities, it also provides exciting rides of Scooter boats and Speed boats.

Adventure Activities

The beautiful land of Panchgani offers you various activities like cycling and trekking. A number of trekking trails in the area enables you to discover this lovely hill station rapidly. This is also the best way to appreciate the impressive landscape around you.


Being the land of natural beauty, Panchagani  is a delightful address for those, who prefer to buy natural products. It has a vibrant bazaar from where visitors can pick different shopping items like handicrafts, chaapals and fruit items like fruit crushes, strawberries and jams.


Panchgani has plenty of accommodation options. Tourists can choose from hotels, guest houses, bungalows and private cottages. Tourists can also consider Hotel run by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation.

How to Reach

By Air: Pune, at a distance of 98 km is the nearest airport. Mumbai-Pune connectivity is also excellent.

By Rail: Wathar is the closest railhead. Pune is also preferable option for its excellent road transport connectivity to Panchgani.

By Road: Panchagani hill station is well-linked to all the major cities in the region.


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