Do you have hernia? Treat with Ayurvedic medicines

How is Hernia caused?

Some factors like Acid Reflux, Dry cough, Prolonged Acidity,

chronic constipation, improper heavy weight lifting, improper posture etc.

may cause weakening / inflammation of the intestines and resultant

pressure on abdominal wall over a period of time.

As a result, the intestines loose their

shape and position and start to come outwards from

nearby cavities of the abdominal wall.

This causes a lump formation known as hernia.


 1 Sachet of HERNICA twice a day – After Breakfast & Dinner

1 sachet of ACIDIM thrice a day – After Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

with regular water for 6 months.

Benefits will be visible within a month

How does it Work?

Hernica strengthens the intestines and abdominal wall naturally.

It helps enhance digestion, reduce the inflammation

of intestine and thus reduce the pressure on abdominal wall.

Acidim acts as a catalyst in the entire healing

process by maintaining optimum pH Levels throughout the intestine.

As a result, the intestines slowly return back to their position making the hernia heal.

However, Pain and discomfort is reduced within a week.

As they address the root cause of the problem, chances of hernia

Recurring are minimal. The medication is equally

Effective for post surgical complications too.


No side effects

Hernica & Acidim are completely herbal in
nature and thus have zero side effects.
Infact, their positive effects include reinforcing
the digestive system


FDA approved

All of Grocare’s products are
licensed by the FDA and promise
the finest in healthcare


No major dietary restrictions

Avoid Cold items, e.g. cold water,
ice creams, cold drinks.
No Gymming or weight lifting over 3 Kg.


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