Dont ignore your nails

Dr. Poonam Bhasne

DNB (Dermatology), MBBS · Dermatologist ·
How To Take Care Of Nail Health

Nails significantly reveal about your overall health.When well taken care of, nails not only look good but they also help you stay healthy.
Follow these tips for a shining nails.
1. Moisturize – Use a Hand-Nail cream regularly to avoid ragged cuticles and flakey skin. Moisture keeps your nails in a good shape.

2. Mild Soaps – Use specially formulated hand foams to wash your hands. Certain anti-bacterial soaps can strip away layers of essential oils from your skin, thus leaving your palms dry and even itchy.

3. Massage – Massage your cuticles regularly. This will help improve blood circulation to the tips as well as stimulate the entire nervous system promoting the growth of strong and healthy nails.

4. Manicure – Treating your hands once a month to a relaxing manicure is an excellent idea. Not only do your nails end up looking fabulous but the additional TLC will go a long way in ensuring that your hands don’t look twice their age. Scrubbing off the dead cells, applying a ‘hand mask’ and then some relaxing massage as you close your eyes to some soothing music, is just what ‘nail therapy’ is all about.

5. Maintain – It’s a common knowledge that the skin on our hands tends to age quicker as it is often left exposed to the elements such as the harsh sun or extreme winters. To maintain your manicured nails, use a sunscreen regularly and wear gloves in the winters and even while going about household chores such as doing the dishes or mopping the floor.