Are you using handphone at night in the dark?

Really scary! Youths with eye cancer increased by 3%!

When lights are off at night, one must not view the handphone! Please share with friends urgently ~

Habitually using handphones b4 bedtime in the dark can lead to serious problems.

Recently, an increasing number of 30-40 year-old patients are seeking medical attention due to using handphones in the dark.

Professor Li Li, director of the Hospital of Ophthalmology said: direct glare of >30 minutes would cause irreversible eye macular degeneration that leads to rapid deterioration of vision.

Contracting maculopathy (eye cancer) means waiting for loss of sight because modern medicine cannot treat, let alone cure it.

The bright phone in the dark with close-up view & high-energy directed at the eyes will damage the macula of the eye.

Professor Li Li said that symptoms of macular degeneration is mostly experienced by old people, but lately patients are getting younger. Patients who are 30-40 years of age increased by 3 %, most are frequent users of handphones.

However, viewing the handphone in the dark not only causes macular degeneration. It  initially causes dry eyes, cataracts and eventually loss of sight.

Early lesions of the eye have to be treated with laser or injection of steroids.

254 Hospital eye specialist Professor Li Li suggested that the most important thing is to get rid of the bad habit of using handphones in the dark. Because habitual use of handphones in thr dark b4 bedtime may cause a lifetime of harm.

Friends : In order to look after ourselves and our families, remember not to turn off the lights if viewing the handphone. Inform handphone users urgently that viewing handphones in the dark can easily lead to loss of sight!

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