Which one is better – Paneer or Tofu?

Paneer Vs Tofu – Find Out Which is Better For Your Body?

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Paneer Vs Tofu – Find Out Which is Better For Your Body?

Paneer and Tofu – the similar looking foods come with their own sets of nutrients, along with being extremely beneficial at warding off diseases. In terms of preparation, while paneer is made from curdled buffalo milk, tofu is prepared from soy milk. 

Here’s a nutrient guide to help you pick one over the other.

1. Iron content
When it comes to the iron content of these two foods, tofu comes out as the winner. Tofu contains 5.4mg of iron per 100gm, while paneer’s iron content is just 0.1mg per 100gm. For this reason, the soy product is extremely beneficial for individuals who suffer from anaemia as it is high in iron content and can help in maintaining optimum levels of blood haemoglobin. 

2. Protein content
Especially for vegetarians, paneer is one of the best sources of protein. Every 100 gm of this dairy product is found to contain 18.3 gm of protein. In contrast, tofu offers only 6.9 gm of protein. If you are planning to put on weight or pursue a muscle building regimen, paneer is a source of protein that you can consider. It aids in muscle building as well as reduces muscle damage caused by wear and tear. 

3. Fat content
Along with high protein content, paneer is also known to come with a high fat content. Every 100gm of paneer contains about 20.8gm of fat content. Tofu, on the other hand, contains only 2.7gm of fat every 100gm. Due to its low fat content, tofu is an excellent health option for weight loss. 

4. The 3 Cs – carbohydrate, calcium and calorie content
In terms of carbohydrate, calcium and calorie content, both tofu and paneer clock different figures.
Even though paneer is made from milk, its levels of carbohydrate are low. Since the carbohydrate content in paneer is about 1.2gm, it is a friendly food option for diabetics. Tofu, on the other hand, has a carbohydrate content that is double to that of paneer (2.4gm). 

Calcium content is extremely high in paneer with every 100gm of paneer offering 208mg of calcium. Due to its high calcium count, paneer is extremely useful to build strong teeth and bones. In contrast to the high calcium content of paneer, tofu records about 130mg of calcium. 

Lastly, both tofu and paneer have different calorie counts with paneer reporting a higher calorie count than tofu. For every 100gm of serving of tofu and paneer, tofu has 62 calories and paneer comes with 265 calories. Since it has a low calorie count, tofu is the perfect weight loss food. 
In terms of which one is a healthier food option, it depends on certain factors. If you are planning to lose weight, tofu is a better option. 

But if you’re planning to build muscles, paneer presents itself as a better option. This is because paneer contains high calcium and protein content. Keeping the pros and cons in mind, you can choose to include either one or both in your diet. Although when it comes to paneer, moderation is the key. 

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