Amazing benefits of lucid dreams


Did You Know LUCID DREAMING at Night, Makes Your Smarter?

Dr. Sourav Agarwala

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4 Amazing Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is any dream where you’re aware that what you’re experiencing is a dream. It takes place during your REM sleep (a sleep state that is characterised by random and quick eye movements alongside muscle paralysis). A study conducted on lucid dreaming shows that this form of dreaming comes with an increased activity in those areas of the brain that are, in general, dormant during sleep. 

There are quite a few techniques of lucid dreaming. One of the ways is to maintain a dream journal, where you write down the dream you’ve had just after waking up. This trains your brain to remember your dreams so that you can consciously enter into a state of dreaming. 

Lucid dreaming has impressive health benefits you’d be surprised to know about. 
1. Develops your memory
Both lucid sleep and dreaming enable you to reinforce everything you may have learned when you were awake. They also enable you to consciously select the things that you want to remember.
While sleep, in general, is responsible for solidifying the memories that you create when you’re awake, dreams, in particular, are responsible for solidifying your episodic memory. Standing for the memory of your personal experiences of a particular place and time, episodic memory performs the function of a muscle memory (memory that is concerned with the development of motor skills) and helps you to learn new skills, while perfecting the skills you already have. 

3. Helps in improving your game
In this context, lucid dreaming can significantly improve your gaming skills as you get the chance to practice them in the dream world. A study shows that the neurons that get activated when you dream of scoring a goal is the same as those when you’re scoring the goal in the real world. So, the visualisation of the act of scoring enables you to improve your performance in the real world.

3. Helps in overcoming anxiety 
Being in a lucid dream gives you the opportunity to practice any number of terrifying scenarios, so that you can make changes as and when you want to in order to overcome anxiety. 
Representing a state between being wakeful and in a REM sleep, lucid dreaming offers you with the possibility to push your boundaries where you can be anyone and do anything. It can be a good stress relieving mechanism.

4. It improves your sleep
One of the biggest benefits of lucid dreaming is that it augments your overall sleep quality by making you more aware of your dreams, and subsequently of your sleep. Awareness is an important factor for getting sound sleep since it helps in experiencing true relaxation. The outcome is you end up feeling more rested and refreshed. Gaining control over your dreams can also help in reducing nightmares, thereby improving your sleep. 

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