Does Islam allow meditation?

Do Muslims meditate?



Islamic Meditation

by Wael Abdelgawad for

This is a meditation that a Muslim can use to relax and recover from stress. It is not a substitute for prayer and duaa, or a replacement for dhikr (remembrance of Allah). Salat in particular is the first duty and refuge of the Muslim. This is just a simple relaxation technique that one might use either alone or share with a spouse, to relax the body and release some of the worries of the day. It also functions as an affirmation, reminding the reader of the love and peace that Allah offers us, and of each person’s pure nature.

Settle yourself in a quiet place, in a comfortable position. Imagine yourself to be in the most relaxing, secure, peaceful place you have ever known. Breathe deeply in and out, breathing into your stomach. Recite the following to yourself, with a quiet voice, very slowly, but imagine it is being spoken to you by a voice outside yourself, by a voice of love. If you do this with your spouse, let one read and the other close his/her eyes and listen:


Your breath is warm and soothing. As it spreads through your body it makes you warm. It brings peace and tranquility to every cell in your body.

Let every cell in your body know and feel that you are loved. Allah loves you. Many people love you. You are surrounded by love and caring. The love is all around you like warm light, comforting you, taking away all your pain.

The air that you are breathing in is warm and soothing. That warmth is spreading all through your body. As it spreads through your body, it causes your muscles to relax.

Now the warmth spreads to your head. Relax the top of your head. Relax your mind. There is nothing to think about right now, nothing to worry about. Release the burdens that you carry in your mind.

As you breathe deeply, the warmth spreads to your face. Let your face relax. Relax your eyes. Whatever your eyes have seen that is unhappy or that causes you pain, let it go. Release it with your breath.

Relax your cheeks and your mouth. Whatever you have spoken that you regret, let it go, release it with your breath. It’s in the past and is gone now with your breath.

Relax your ears. There is nothing for you to listen to right now except the peacefulness of your own breath. Whatever you have heard that has hurt you, at any time in your life, let it go now. You don’t need it anymore. Release it with your breath.

Relax your jaw. Any tension that you are holding in your jaw, let it go, release it. Feel the warmth spread through your mind, your face, your neck. Relax your neck.

Know that you are safe. You are protected. You are in a place of shelter. You are in Allah’s care. You are in a safe place, a good place. You have nothing to fear, nothing to regret. The past is gone, and the future has not arrived. All that exists is this peaceful moment, this safe place where you are protected and warm.

Continue to breathe deeply and softly. Your breath warms you. The warmth spreads now into your shoulders and relaxes your shoulders. Whatever burden you have been carrying on your shoulders, let it go. Give to Allah, and He will hold it for you until you are ready to take it back. For now, let it go with your breath. Relax your shoulders.

Let go of your fear and your worry. You are following Allah’s guidance and that is peaceful. You are at harmony with the entire universe and that is peaceful.

Breathe deeply and softly. The breath spreads now into your back and warms your back. Relax your shoulder blades, and the middle of your back. Relax your lower back. As you breathe out, release the burdens that you have borne on your back. All the troubles, all the weight on your back, release them with your breath, and let them disappear. You don’t need them anymore.

Allah is on your side and He will always be with you. You have the strength of Imaan. Know that whatever challenges you face in life, you are strong and capable.

As you breathe, warmth continues to spread through your body, now moving into your chest and your stomach. Relax your chest. Whatever fears you have for the future, let them go. Release them with your breath. Trust in Allah; He is with you right now, at this moment, and He will protect you. Relax your stomach. Whatever tightness you have in your stomach, whatever tension you carry there, release it, let it go with your breath.

Know that Allah created you pure, with the purity of fitrah. That purity is always inside you, like a light. Allow yourself to feel it, to be in touch with it; let that purity come out, and with it comes peace.

Your breath is warm and soothing. As it spreads through your body it makes you warm. It brings peace and tranquility to your mind, to your soul, and to your heart. Feel it now spreading into your arms. Relax your upper arms, and your forearms. Relax your hands and your fingers. Relax your thumbs. Your hands work hard for you every day, but right now let them relax. Whatever burdens you carry in your hands, release them. Whatever private pain or shame your hands have witnessed, release it. You don’t need it anymore. Let it escape with your breath, let it go.

Know that Allah created you beautiful with the best of forms as He said in the Quran. That beauty is inside you. Let yourself feel it and believe it.

Breathe deeply now and let it flow into your legs. Relax your thighs. Relax your knees. Relax your calves. Relax your feet. Relax your toes. Your legs work hard for you every day, they have earned a rest. Relax your legs and let the tension flow out of them; release the tension with your breath.

Now all of your body is relaxed and warm. Every cell in your body, every part of you inside and out is soothed and peaceful. All of your body is pure and light and warm.

Allah is with you now, and He is As-Salam, the giver of peace. Allah created you in peace. Inside you, at your center, is peace. That peace is your birthright. Your breath is peace. Your center is peace. Your soul is at peace, your mind is at peace, your heart is at peace, your blood is at peace, your breath is at peace, your eyes are at peace, your hearing is at peace, your tongue is at peace, your hands are at peace, your feet are at peace, every part of you is at peace with Allah. Every part of you is at peace with yourself. Every part of you is at peace. Every part of you is peaceful.

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