Impression about Pakistan

What do the US and modern countries think about Pakistan?

What comes first in your mind when you heard word Pakistan? (Not for Pakistanies)

Shihab Khan, a Structural Engineer, a Muslim and a Pragmatic Romantic

As an Indian Muslim (though I’m not speaking on behalf of them), I think creation of Pakistan was a mistake. The ‘Islamic Model’ that was promised never came to life but cost a lot. All the apprehensions of Maulana Azad came to life.

So when I think of it, the first thing that crosses my mind is that could have been home as well. I travel across my country. It’s sheer diversity and beauty staggers me. I wonder whether I’ll ever get a chance to visit Pakistan as well. I think how I could have visited and tried street foods of Lahore or Peshawar. Or visit Karachi. Or the beautiful countryside of Balochistan. See the ruins of the once Indus Valley Civilisation.

I’ve been friends with a lot of Pakistani people while in Europe. I was invited by one family for dinner on Eid. Made me feel like home. The people there are just like us. They all worry about the same things in life – a good education, health facilities, a decent way to make a living, some peace in life and looking after their families!

But a country ruined by a highly corrupt Military. (That’s just my opinion).

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