Russians like Hinduism

Russian embrace Hinduism:


Kanchi pontiff Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi makes a point to the Russian nationals who have embraced Hinduism, during their visit to Tirupati on Monday. Photo: K.V. Poornachandra Kumar | The Hindu

Finding an ‘inexplicably-positive’ energy pervading India, they expressed desire that the entire world should feel it. After visiting a couple of local temples, the team addressed the students of an engineering college on the noble values in Hinduism.

Dressed in traditional Indian attire, four Russian women Peema, Valentina, Tania and Elama sport the Hindu religious insignia on the forehead, while the lone man Merina wears the sacred thread on his shoulder.

They have not just voluntarily embraced Hinduism, but are zealous to spread the values enshrined in the religion across India’s countryside. Disciples of Sri Sri Ravishankar of the Art of Living Foundation, they embraced Hinduism some time back and are in Tirupati now, as part of their visit to places of spiritual interest in the country.

Finding an ‘inexplicably-positive’ energy pervading India, they expressed desire that the entire world should feel it. BJP State spokesperson G. Bhanuprakash Reddy ushered them to Sri Vijayendra Saraswati, the junior pontiff of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, who is currently camping here, when they got into a gripping interaction with the seer.

They told the Swami that they were now familiar with the practice of ‘Sandhya Vandanam’, the meaning of the magical hymn ‘Gayatri Mantra’ and the nuances of Yoga. When the seer welcomed their idea of looking for values in other faiths and putting them to practice, the visiting delegates readily expressed their desire to spread the message across the globe. The seer gave them some English publications brought out by the Mutt and much to their delight, assured to present them a Russian edition soon.

After visiting a couple of local temples, the team addressed the students of an engineering college on the noble values in Hinduism. Mr. Bhanuprakash Reddy hoped that they would become brand ambassadors of Hinduism abroad. They are likely to visit Sri Venkateswara temple after Deepavali.

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Impression about Pakistan

What do the US and modern countries think about Pakistan?

What comes first in your mind when you heard word Pakistan? (Not for Pakistanies)

Shihab Khan, a Structural Engineer, a Muslim and a Pragmatic Romantic

As an Indian Muslim (though I’m not speaking on behalf of them), I think creation of Pakistan was a mistake. The ‘Islamic Model’ that was promised never came to life but cost a lot. All the apprehensions of Maulana Azad came to life.

So when I think of it, the first thing that crosses my mind is that could have been home as well. I travel across my country. It’s sheer diversity and beauty staggers me. I wonder whether I’ll ever get a chance to visit Pakistan as well. I think how I could have visited and tried street foods of Lahore or Peshawar. Or visit Karachi. Or the beautiful countryside of Balochistan. See the ruins of the once Indus Valley Civilisation.

I’ve been friends with a lot of Pakistani people while in Europe. I was invited by one family for dinner on Eid. Made me feel like home. The people there are just like us. They all worry about the same things in life – a good education, health facilities, a decent way to make a living, some peace in life and looking after their families!

But a country ruined by a highly corrupt Military. (That’s just my opinion).

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You may not know that earlier whole world was Hindu

The whole world was Hindu, Russia was abode of rishis: New gyaan from VHP leaders


Until now, you would think the fake Facebook account of Subramanian Swamy tries to make everything ‘Hindu’. Like the one time when he said Michael Jackson was well, a Hindu.

“Michael Jackson was a Viraat Hindu. His actual name was Mai ka Lal Jaikishen who was later kidnapped by Christian Missionaries from a Brahmin family impressed by his Bharatanatyamand Kathakali dance (skills) in some stage show.”

But it seems like some people are following the parody account of Swamy a little too seriously.

At the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s firstVirat Hindu Sammelan in Mumbai, speakers asserted that the entire world was Hindu, once. Yes, you read that right. “Africa, Arabia, Australia, Russia – was Hindu,” one of the speakers said, as Mumbai Mirror reports.

VHP international working president Dr Pravin Togadia claimed that earlier Africa, Europe and Arabia were Hindu areas, and the number of Hindus which once stood at 700 crore had now shrunk to just 100 crore.

In fact, Russia, according to VHP leaders, was originally a Hindu country. “Russia was originally Rishangaha, the abode of rishis. It was thus a Hindu Rashtra. It is the duty of Hindus now to make Russians Hindus,” said one of the speakers. We wonder what Putin will have to say about it.

Togadia had a warning for India too. He said that while 82 percent of India comprised of Hindus, their numbers would shrink to half if they are not alert, reported DNA.

So, what needs to be done for that?

According to Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders first you need to build the Ram Mandir, whether ‘anyone likes it or not.’ Also, Hindus should cut the head of “gaddar” (traitor)–people who wanted the Babri Masjid, reported DNA. Among other suggestions were — enactment of a law that no marriage can take place without parental permission. This would apparently solve the problem of ‘Love Jihad’.

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Do you want to get free flights?

How to get free flights

This is where we tell you how you may well score a free flight of your choosing. Now, wouldn’t that be a dream? Does this headline sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not!


Skyscanner has an amazing competition running right now, to celebrate their Skyscanner app which lets people find the cheapest available flights at all times. The website has long been my comparison tool of choice so I was happy to download the app, in order to enter their cool competition. What exactly can you win?

10 free flights! 10!

How? Simply click here to find out.

I don’t know what you’ve heard about give-away’s and competitions but let me let you in on a little secret: very often they aren’t nearly as hopeless as you think. I have had many a PR comment to me that their competition has very few entries, sometimes even less than the prizes on offer! You know what makes the group of participants smaller, hence your chances to win even bigger? Conditions! The more you have to do to partake in a competition, the better your actual chances to win.

To take home those free flights, simply download the (actually useful) Skyscanner Appand click on the banner saying “win a flight”. After that just follow the instruction and think lucky thoughts!


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What is Meditation?


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Meditation is a universal spiritual wisdom and a practice found at the core of all the great religious traditions, leading from the mind to the heart. It is a way of simplicity, silence and stillness. It can be practised by anyone, wherever you are on your life’s journey. It is only necessary to be clear about the practice and then to begin – and to keep on beginning.


In Christianity this tradition of contemplation, the prayer of the heart or ‘apophatic prayer’, became marginalised and often even sometimes suspect. But in recent times a major recovery of the contemplative dimension of  Christian faith -and prayer – has been happening. This is transforming the different faces of the Church and revealing the way the Gospel integrates the mystical and the social. Central to this process now is the rediscovery of how to pray in this dimension and at this depth: finding a practice of meditation in the Christian tradition. The World Community teaches a practice derived from the Gospel teaching of Jesus and the advice of early Christian monks. The Desert Fathers and Mothers teach a Christian spirituality of powerful relevance for those today who want to jive their discipleship to Jesus in a radical and simple way.


John Main and the community he inspired has had a major role in this contemporary renewal of the contemplative tradition. His own introduction to meditation came to him from the universal wisdom but led him to recognise and then go on to teach it as a way of prayer rooted in the Gospels and the Christian mystical tradition.


Open to all ways of wisdom and drawing directly from the early Christian teaching John Main summarised the practice in this simple way:


Sit down. Sit still with your back straight. Close your eyes lightly. Then interiorly, silently begin to recite a single word – a prayer word or mantra. We recommend the ancient Christian prayer-word “Maranatha”. Say it as four equal syllables. Breathe normally and give your full attention to the word as you say it, silently, gently, faithfully and  – above all – simply. The essence of meditation is simplicity. Stay with the same word during the whole meditation and in each meditation day to day. Don’t visualise but listen to the word, as you say it. Let go of all thoughts (even good thoughts), images and other words. Don’t fight your distractions: let them go by saying your word faithfully, gently and attentively and returning to it as soon as you realise you have stopped saying or it or when your attention wanders. Meditate twice a day, morning and evening, for between 20 and 30 minutes. It may take a time to develop this discipline and the support of a tradition and community is always helpful. 



Silence. Stillness. Simplicity: The elements of meditation

Silence means letting go of thoughts. Stillness means letting go of desire. Simplicity means letting go of self-analysis. (Simple isn’t easy)


Meditate twice a day every day. The daily practice may take some time to develop. Be patient. When you give up, start again. You will find that a weekly meditation group and a connection with a community may help you develop this discipline. It is a discipline rather than a technique. Experience is the teacher and this allows the benefits and fruits of meditation to pervade your mind and all aspects of your life. John Main said that ‘meditation verifies the truths of your faith in your own experience’


Meditation has the capacity to open up the common ground between all cultures and faiths today. But why can we speak of ‘Christian meditation’?


Firstly, the faith with which you meditate – some sense of personal connection with Jesus.

Secondly, the historical scriptural and theological tradition in which we meditate.

Thirdly, the sense of community it leads to: ‘when two or three pray together in my name, I am there among them.’

Fourthly, the other means by which our spiritual life is nourished: the other enriching forms of prayer like scripture, sacraments and worship. Meditation does not replace other forms of prayer. Quite the reverse, it revives their meaning.


Finally – but this is central to any understanding of meditation – we meditate in order to take the attention off ourselves. (Jesus said, leave self behind). In the Christian tradition, contemplation is seen as a grace and as a reciprocal work of love. Not surprisingly, then, if we find we become more loving people as a result of meditating this will express itself in all our relationships, our work and our sense of service especially to those in any kind of need.




Meditation is both solitary and communal. You can connect with others who meditate through these pages and so find your journey deepened and strengthened. There is much to learn about this tradition which enriches and stimulates us. The WCCM School of Meditation helps the new meditator to find their way into the tradition. But the basis of meditation is not reading but personal practice. As John Cassian said in the 4th century: ‘experience is the teacher’.


The great challenge to us in learning to meditate is its simplicity. Nothing inspires people of all ages and cultures to meditate than realising how simply and directly children can learn both to meditate and to love the practice – and all it brings to their lives. 




Many Christian meditators and Christian Meditation groups use these Opening and Closing Prayers:


Opening Prayer by John Main



Heavenly Father, open our hearts to the silent presence of the spirit of your Son. Lead us into that mysterious silence where your love is revealed to all who call, ‘Maranatha…Come, Lord Jesus.





Closing Prayer by Laurence Freeman


May this group be a true spiritual home for the seeker, a friend for the lonely, a guide for the confused. May those who pray here be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to serve all who come, and to receive them as Christ Himself. In the silence of this room may all the suffering, violence, and confusion of the world encounter the Power that will console, renew and uplift the human spirit.


May this silence be a power to open the hearts of men and women to the vision of God, and so to each other, in love and peace, justice and human dignity. May the beauty of the divine life, fill this group and the hearts of all who pray here, with joyful hope. May all who come here weighed down by the problems of humanity leave giving thanks for the wonder of human life. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Foods that r helpful when u give up smoking

4 Supporting Foods That Help When You Plan to QUIT SMOKING!

Dt. Sangeeta Malu

Ph.D.Nutrition , Certificate Of Diabetes Education , Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, M.Sc – Dietitics / Nutrition

Dietitian/Nutritionist • 237 People helped • 23 Year experience


4 Surprising foods that can help you quit smoking

Smoking can be one of the most difficult habits to break, requiring a great amount of willpower and commitment. If you’re a smoker who is looking to quit this habit, making some simple changes in your food habit can ease the quitting process. 

So, how does food help in quitting smoking? While certain foods can help to reduce your nicotine dependence, there are other foods out there that have been found to make cigarettes taste terrible. Here are some of the options that you can try out if you’re planning to quit smoking:

1. Milk 
Milk can give cigarettes a terrible taste. A study conducted by the Duke University shows that consuming a glass of milk right before smoking can make you think that the cancer stick has a bitter taste. 
While it’s still not clear what component in milk brings about such an effect, it’s suspected that the bitter taste is a result of the chemical reaction between the lactose in milk and the tobacco smoke. So, have a glass of milk each time you want to smoke. 

2. Nuts 
Another helpful food alternative that will keep you from reaching for those cigarettes are nuts. This is because hunger can cause you to have a nicotine craving. You can reduce the urge to smoke by having nuts that are high in soluble fibre as they will slow down your digestion. 
Full of nutrients, protein and energy, having them whenever you feel the need to light a cigarette can be highly effective in helping you to quit the bad habit. 

3. Fruits rich in Vitamin C
Smoking brings about a fall in your body’s Vitamin C levels, which you can easily replenish by consuming fruits that are high on Vitamin C. You can try citrus fruits like oranges and lemons that are known to have high Vitamin C content, or you can even include pomegranates in your diet. 
By including these fruits in your diet you can significantly cut down your need to smoke, as these fruits provide a thrust that is similar when you smoke a cigarette. Besides, they leave a similar bitter aftertaste in your mouth as when you smoke after drinking milk.

4. Vegetables 
Besides milk and citrus fruits, certain vegetables are also known to give cigarettes a horrible taste. The vegetables that you need to include in your diet are celery, carrots, zucchini, cucumber and eggplant. They have been proven to be very effective in reducing nicotine craving. Take for instance carrots; they contain a compound known as carotenoids, which not only gives cigarettes a bitter taste, but can also make you less dependent on nicotine. 
Another reason as to why you must have these vegetables is because they are a simple way of tricking your brain into thinking that they look like cigarettes (because of their stick shape) and can give you the illusion of an actual cigarette whenever you have them. 
So, include these foods in your diet and see yourself saying goodbye to smoking much faster.

If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on ‘Consult’.


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Control anger and not let anger control you

6 Doable Ways to Control Your ANGER and Not Let it Control You!

Dr. Priyanka Srivastava

Ph. D – Psychology, M.A.Psychology, B.A.(H)Psychology

Psychologist • 10 People helped • 25 Year experience


6 Easy ways to not let your anger get the better of you

Although a natural emotion, anger needs to be managed at all times so that it doesn’t get out of control and cause problems in your life. Whether at home, work or in your relationships, uncontrolled anger can affect your general life quality. However, controlling your anger comes with the benefit of improving your overall health, while reducing stress levels. 

Here are some of the ways that you could learn to gain control on your temper:

1. Practice deep breathing
Instead of allowing your anger to get out of control, every time you start feeling angry, get down to practicing some simple breathing techniques to calm your tense body and mind. Here’s what you should do when enraged:
– Take slow, but deep breaths to counteract the stress reaction that usually accompanies anger
– Slowly repeat a calming word or phrase, which could be “relax”, “take it easy” or “I am in control of my anger”
– Work on your muscles by tightening and then relaxing them

2. Count from 1 to 100 or 100 to 1
Counting numbers can prevent you from flying off the handle. It takes your mind away from the cause of your anger and prevents you from mulling over the situation. The act of counting also provides you with the time to delay the impulsive behaviour that often follows the emotion. You can even make this more effective by breathing in slowly and deeply whenever you start on a 
new number. 

3. Focus on the present
Whenever you’re angry, don’t look back at the past. By doing so, you may end up bringing past grievances into your present situation, while holding others responsible for feeling how and what you feel. Instead focus your attention on what you can do in the present to work out the issue. 

4. Relax tight muscles
Another tip that can help you to cool down fast is a gentle massage of the areas of tension, which are usually the shoulders, neck and scalp. For the shoulders, simply rotate them to relax tight muscles. To release the tension that gets built up in your neck and head region, perform a simple scalp massage to improve blood circulation and consequently, relax your mind. 

5. Listen to music
Listening to music can soothe frayed nerves and calm you down. It works by helping you to sieve through the feelings of anger and disappointment in a constructive manner. 

6. Change of situation
Taking yourself away from the source of anger, whether it’s the place or the person concerned, is an anger management skill that you can use to calm yourself. To do this, you can either close your eyes and transport yourself to a quiet and peaceful place or simply walk away to let your anger fizzle out. 

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